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Breakfast in a Flash: Top 10 Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

When so many of you “wake and work” or have to go, go, go to get ready for the day, there just isn’t enough time for a balanced meal. Luckily, meal replacement shakes are a great option for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. You can get complete nutrition with minimal preparation!

Fuel Your Morning With a Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake

If you take a look at the word breakfast, you can see just what it is: a break of the fast. Overnight, we naturally fast. We stop eating after dinner and don’t eat again until the morning, hence the name for our first meal of the day, breakfast. 

The first meal of the day, no matter what time you eat it, is critical to your day. Eating a balanced, nutritionally-dense meal first thing helps to start your day off right. After an overnight fast, your body is craving healthy, good-for-you foods and nutrients. A well-crafted meal replacement shake can give your body just what it needs in the morning.

The Benefits of a Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast

Having a meal replacement shake for your first meal of the day offers you a number of benefits. Meal replacement shakes for breakfast:

  • Require minimal prep time and clean-up
  • Can be made in advance with simple ingredients you already have 
  • Can be made from frozen ingredients that don’t spoil easily 
  • Are nutritionally-dense, giving you the right amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, and fat to feel energized all day
  • Keep you feeling full until your next meal
  • Prevent sugar cravings and crashes by providing you with enough protein and fiber to start your day

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Breakfast

If you’re interested in trying a meal replacement shake for breakfast, then all you need are some recipe ideas to help you get started. Pick a few recipes you like and then keep the ingredients on hand. Then, you can make whichever recipe sounds good when you wake up in the morning!

Here are some of our favorite, nutritionally-dense meal replacement shake recipes to inspire you for your next breakfast. 

1) Vanilla Chai Banana Shake

This vanilla chai banana meal replacement shake has warm notes of fall spices with a hint of vanilla. It’s the perfect way to kick off your day with protein, fiber from the chia or flax seeds, and a hint of sweetness from the almond butter. The frozen banana adds the perfect texture for a creamy, slurpable shake.

2) Cinnamon Roll Shake

There’s nothing better on a weekend morning than an ooey-gooey, frosted cinnamon roll. Now you can get the flavor you crave any morning of the week, and you’ll get tons of nutrition with this cinnamon roll meal replacement shake. The Greek yogurt gives it a creamy texture, while you get all the sweetness from a hint of maple syrup, and plenty of fiber from the rolled oats.

3) Blueberry Coconut Power Shake

There’s no need to cook a fancy breakfast when you can just throw all the ingredients into a blender, pour it up, and walk out the door. This blueberry coconut power meal replacement shake has everything your body craves. You get tons of antioxidants from the blueberries, hearty protein from our 310 Organic Toasted Coconut powder plus 310 Collagen Powder, and vitamins from spinach — which you won’t even taste.

4) Caramel Peach Crisp Shake

The best part about a meal replacement shake for breakfast is that you get to nourish your body while also satisfying your sweet tooth. This caramel peach crisp meal replacement shake uses frozen peaches and vanilla to give you great sweet flavor while balancing it out with some cinnamon and rolled oats. Not to mention, plenty of protein from our 310 Organic Salted Caramel powder

5) Cold Brew Horchata Shake

If the first thing you think about in the morning is getting your caffeine fix, now you can get it and have a healthy meal. Our cold brew horchata meal replacement shake combines cold brew ice cubes, peanut butter, banana, MCT oil, and a few other ingredients to make a hearty, delicious, and caffeinated meal on the go.

6) Superfood Spice Smoothie

If you’re looking to painlessly eat your fresh fruits and veggies, this is the shake for you. The superfood spice meal replacement shake combines spinach, raspberries, mango, and ginger with chia seeds so you get a delicious and healthy start to your day. 

7) Almond Milk Horchata Frappuccino Shake

Caffeine and breakfast all in one glass? Yes, please. The almond milk horchata frappuccino meal replacement shake is packed with deliciousness. You get fiber from the 310 Organic Horchata powder and banana, caffeine from espresso, and sweet creaminess from almond milk and almond butter. 

8) Chocolate Pumpkin Shake

If you’re looking for fall flavor in a glass to start off your morning, look no further than this chocolate pumpkin meal replacement shake. It combines pumpkin, cacao powder, almond milk, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin pie spices to create a delicious meal you can prep and take to go. For a truly indulgent breakfast, you can add a tablespoon of peanut butter for an extra kick of creaminess and sweetness. 

9) Green Glow Smoothie

Many people think that breakfast needs to be a heavy meal to stick with you until lunch. This green glow meal replacement shake will prove otherwise. This shake is light, bright, and nutritionally-dense so you won’t be feeling hungry an hour later. This shake is packed with cucumber, pineapple, kale, ginger, lemon, coconut water, and chia seeds for a healthy, light meal.

10) Banana Oatmeal Cookie Shake

The banana oatmeal cookie meal replacement shake is the perfect mix of indulgent and healthy to kick off your day and keep you feeling full until lunchtime rolls around. With a combination of 310 Organic Vanilla powder for protein; rolled oats for fiber; and cinnamon, cashew butter, and vanilla for a little kick of sweetness, this will crush cravings and leave you feeling satisfied hours later.

What to Look for in a Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake...

When you’re choosing a recipe for your breakfast meal replacement shake, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. 

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose a recipe that sounds good. If the flavors don’t immediately get your mouth watering, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is, you simply won’t take the time to prepare and eat it. Flavor is critical when choosing a morning meal replacement shake recipe. 

Once you’ve found something that sounds delicious, then it’s time to check the ingredients and nutritional profile to make sure it’s healthy. You want to look for a shake that has minimal sugar, plenty of protein, lots of fiber, and a variety of fruits and vegetables to give you the vitamins and minerals you’d normally get from a full meal.

Starting your day off with a meal replacement shake can be an easy way to get all the nutrition you need while being busy and on-the-go. The right meal replacement shake will taste great and be nutritionally-dense so each morning you wake up ready for the day!

Written by:

Page Grossman

Yoga Instructor | Nutrition Enthusiast

Page Grossman is a writer, editor, and RYT-500 yoga instructor. Page uses her research skills, knowledge of nutrition, and storytelling abilities to create interesting, easy-to-read articles. She combines knowledge of nutrition, mental health, and fitness for a holistic view of health and wellness. You can find her articles on the [...]

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