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5 Must-Try Hydrating & Replenishing Shakes & Slushees

If being more active on a regular basis and adding a planned fitness routine to your life is on your “must-do” list for 2023, you aren’t alone. It’s consistently found that exercising and losing weight are two of the most common new year’s resolutions year-after-year (1).

But, it’s not just about adding in fitness that’s important. It’s also about what you give your body to do able to do that exercise successfully – along with allow yourself to recover afterwards. Along with clean and nutritious foods, it’s also about what you drink. And we aren’t just talking about water!

Though it’s important to give your body H2O, we know so much more these days about the other things your body needs to maintain peak hydration, energy, mental stamina and concentration, plus overall motivation for weight loss. And though it may start with water, there’s a bit more to the equation.

Key Ingredients to Fuel Enhanced Recovery 

Whether your health goals are to lose weight, fortify your immune system, promote a youthful and glowing appearance, improve workout efforts and performance, have more energy for mind and body, or something else – we have 5 Super-Exciting and Satisfying Recipe Suggestions To Supply The Super-Fuel You Need.

But first, let’s dig into KEY INGREDIENTS that you’ll find in these recipes that work to truly take your hydration efforts to the next level, replenish and refuel your body, and make it easy to keep up with your efforts to be more active.

6 Ingredients That Multiply Hydration & Recovery

You’ve likely been told to drink as much water as you can each day, but did you know that you can contribute to your daily hydration needs with much tastier beverages?

You don’t need sugar or other unhealthy ingredients to make intensely-hydrating drinks that fortify total wellness while greatly satisfying your taste buds. What you DO need is some key ingredients.

Let’s go over what they are and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine!

Electrolyte Minerals

You’ve likely heard the word “electrolytes” thrown around as something beneficial for you, especially when you exercise, with little knowledge of how they actually help you.

While many drinks contain these powerful minerals, including some you may be familiar with since childhood, like Gatorade for instance, many of them are also packed with sugar. While the sugar aspect makes them an unhealthy choice, it’s the key electrolytes that make them effective for helping you reach your goals.

Let’s take a look at some key electrolytes to enhance hydration…

Electrolyte Spotlight: Sodium

The hydration multiplier

When you think of “sodium” you probably think of “salt”, and perhaps even salty foods that contain it. It may lead you to think about dehydration versus hydration! In reality, your body needs some sodium on a regular basis in order to maintain proper hydration. In fact, it’s one of the most important electrolytes to keep you hydrated – responsible for maintaining a balance of liquid outside the cells (2).

This balance of liquids is what keeps you feeling your best in mind and body – when you’re properly hydrated.

Since sodium is the electrolyte you lose most when you sweat, it’s important to replace it every time you exercise. Recommendations for daily sodium suggest no more than 1,500mg to 2,000mg per day, but it also depends on how active you are and how much you need to replenish (3, 4).

It also depends on where you get that sodium. If you’re getting your sodium from table salt or from processed foods like potato chips, it will work against your health goals. Healthier sources of food will contain less sodium, and you can also reinforce your workout efforts with sugar-free, clean hydration products that contain sodium.

Where you can find this electrolyte mineral at 310:

Electrolyte Spotlight: Potassium

Hydration, muscle function & a healthy heart

The next electrolyte we’ll talk about, potassium, works hand-in-hand with sodium to help keep you hydrated. While sodium maintains fluid balance outside of cells, potassium maintains that balance within your cells (5).

In addition, when it comes to exercise recovery and efforts, potassium is very important to your muscles, enabling them to contract properly (6). In essence, you need enough potassium for proper muscle function, which is important for your workouts. Without enough potassium, you’re also vulnerable to get muscle weakness and cramps.

In addition, potassium supports the most important muscle in your body… your heart! Potassium helps keep your blood pressure down, and enables your heart to work more efficiently – both when you exercise and on a regular basis (7).

Where you can find this electrolyte mineral at 310:

Electrolyte Spotlight: Calcium

Healthy bones, muscles and nerves

Just like you lose sodium when you sweat, you also lose other nutrients, and calcium is one of them. Calcium is incredibly important for bone health as you age. Plus, your heart, muscles and nerves also depend on calcium (8).

Though you don’t lose as much calcium in your sweat as you do sodium and chloride, it’s still important to make sure you get enough calcium each day. Since your body doesn’t make this nutrient, you have to get it from your food, or drinks that contain it, like 310 Lemonades.

When it comes to hydration and recovery, calcium is another electrolyte mineral that helps with fluid balance and keeping you hydrated. And, it’s also needed for proper muscle contraction and function when you move (9).

Where you can find this electrolyte mineral at 310:

Electrolyte Spotlight: Magnesium

Boosts exercise performance

The next electrolyte mineral you lose when you sweat, magnesium, plays an important role in the entire body, and may be especially beneficial during physical activity. In fact, several studies show that supplementing with magnesium actually improved exercise performance in athletes (10).

This may be because extra magnesium when you’re working out can give you an extra “edge”. Magnesium helps move blood sugar into your muscles and dispose of lactate – helping you fight muscle fatigue (11).

For this reason, you may need more magnesium when you’re exercising then when you are at rest.

Where you can find this electrolyte mineral at 310:

Muscle-Building & Slimming Protein

We talked about some key electrolytes and the importance of them for hydration and recovery, so now let’s touch on protein!

In case you don’t know, getting enough protein each day is incredibly important to not only overall health, but also your weight loss efforts. Higher protein diets, which help boost metabolism and curb cravings for a low calorie cost, are known for almost immediate slimming (12).

That’s why it’s so important to keep up your protein intake each day, and why we have 15g of high-quality plant-based proteins in every 310 meal replacement shake.

When it comes to exercise and recovery, you need even more protein than if you’re resting! And if you’re trying to tone up, protein is essential for building and maintaining strong muscles (12).

So, what type of protein do we recommend?

Plant-Based Proteins:

You should aim to get lots of protein from the foods you eat, like lean chicken and beef, eggs, and unprocessed dairy. But don’t forget about the plant-based sources! Nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas, rice, oats, and even some fruits and veggies all can be great sources of protein.

Our superfood meal replacement shakes contain a blend of brown rice, pea, and pumpkin proteins to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, low cholesterol, and great metabolism while satisfying your appetite and keeping you full.


Another protein that your body needs is collagen – in fact, it’s the most abundant protein in your body! Though your body produces it, it makes less and less as you age. Yet, the protein is needed for healthy joints, youthful skin, optimal gut health, and many more functions to keep you feeling your best.

We recommend a grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen powder that you can add into shakes, sauces, and more.

5 Mouthwatering, Hydrating Recovery Smoothies

Now that you know all about some of the most important ingredients for hydration and recovery, let’s hook you up with some totally mouthwatering smoothies that you can make right in your own kitchen!

Boost your daily hydration and supply the energy you need for daily recovery with these yummy smoothie treats…

Sour Green Apple Slushee

Lip-puckeringly-good, this flavor explosion of a treat also packs a powerful punch for your joint health, moisturized and radiant skin, hydration, body balance and more. It features electrolyte-filled 310 Lemonade, with real lemon crystals for juicy citrus taste, and 310 Sour Apple Collagen, for a tart-sweet memorable flavor you’ll love.  

Key hydration/recovery ingredients:

Blackberry Lemon Smoothie

Next, when you need a nourishing meal or snack, but you want something refreshing and sweet, this is the perfect smoothie. It features body-balancing and alkalizing 310 Blackberry Lemonade plus 310 Shake in Unflavored or Vanilla Creme – so you can really taste the tangy-sweet and citrusy flavors of this drink.

Key hydration/recovery ingredients:

Watermelon Berry Slushee

For a refreshing dessert-like treat, try this slushee! It’s the perfect mix of sweet, tangy, and revitalizing taste, that works great as a post-workout snack or substitute for sugary slushees. It features 310 Watermelon Lemonade, with hydrating electrolytes that help you recover and restore.

Key hydration/recovery ingredients:

Cucumber Lemon Recovery Slushee

This ultra-hydrating slushee may just become a new favorite after a workout sesh or to keep you energized while you work or run errands. Along with a mix of body-replenishing veggies, seeds, fruits and herbs, 310 Lemon Lime Hydrate gives you a beneficial dose of electrolytes including sodium to help you recover.

Also, add in a scoop of 310 Collagen for needed protein to support muscles, appetite and metabolism.

Key hydration/recovery ingredients:

Berry Beauty Booster Smoothie

Finally, this invigorating smoothie not only will delight your taste buds, but will benefit a youthful body and appearance. It includes Blackberry Lemonade and Unflavored Collagen for electrolytes plus protein, along with juicy berries, chia seeds and more.

Key hydration/recovery ingredients:

Which of these hydration and recovery smoothie and slushee recipes are you going to make first?! Let us know in the comments, below! And make sure to check out our 310 Recipe section for more replenishing recipes for your active, healthy life and meeting your new year’s goals!


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