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Moms: 10 Ways to Glow from the Inside Out

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, this is your reminder to put your health first, even on a busy schedule! You can’t possibly take care of others unless you first start with yourself.

Many Women Sacrifice Every Single Day, Thinking They’re Doing What’s Best For Their Families; But A Strong, Healthy And Happy Mom Is Exactly What They Need - And The Best Thing For YOU!

Want to know the secret to taking awesome care of your health, each and every day? The formula is simple: Water Your Health & Watch It Grow.

Just like the beautiful spring flowers need water to bloom into their full potential, you too need the same love and care. You deserve to glow from the INSIDE OUT, and that starts with nourishing your ultimate wellness, daily!

Follow these recommendations for “watering your health” seriously and you’ll be off to a fabulous start! 


10 Ways To “Water Your Health” for Mother’s Day

 1) Trade The Chocolates For Something Lasting

How often do you “treat yourself” with a guilty pleasure that satisfies your desires instead of nourishing your body and soul? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional sweet treat, fancy dessert, or giving into your cravings in moderation. But really taking care of yourself comes when you recognize the difference between indulging a little and giving into emotionally-fueled cravings on a regular basis.

When it comes to taking care of your body, the answer is nourishment and balance, not giving into all your unhealthy cravings. And doing this one thing can truly make a difference in how you feel and the overall contentment and quality of your life. You may realize that as a surprise to you, the chocolate wasn’t worth it after all! Plus, when you can drink shakes as good as this Chocolate Cookie Shake or treats like this Chocolate Oat Milk Shake, you soon realize you can fuel your body and INDULGE at the same time. Find more totally scrumptious recipe ideas here!

 2) Be Active On Purpose

Next, whether or not you already fit exercise into your weekly routine, you can decide simply to be more active in your daily life and the lives of those you love. This may mean simply playing with your kids more, finding more active hobbies you enjoy, or doing something soul-lifting and health-promoting on weekends like going for hikes, bike rides, and more.

The more that you stay active, the healthier you will feel as you age, and the more in control of your health and happiness you’ll be. The more that you focus on a nourishing, balancing diet, the more energy you will have to live your life with vigor and passion!

 3) Spread Out Responsibilities

Feeling overwhelmed and pressed for time? You may come to find that many of the things you are taking on as responsibilities can actually be shared – leaving you more open to appreciating the moments and enjoying time with the people you love. Feel uncomfortable giving others things to do that are your responsibility? Guilt is not a helpful emotion in many instances, and if you try handing out some tasks, you may actually find that things are moving more productively, and your family members are actually happier being on a set and organized schedule than you volunteering to do everything!

 4) Count the Blessings First

As you know, every day is a mix of good and bad happenings and emotions. When it comes to your weight loss goals, you may find that you have way further to go than you actually thought. Which is why it’s so important to count the overall blessings in your life as more important than the day-to-day hang-ups. Whether or not you’ve reached your goals or are still climbing towards them, there are so many amazing milestones along the way that can go unmissed if you aren’t paying attention. So, take an active pause to really give thanks and be thankful for all of the things in your life that you’ve already accomplished, whether big or small, even when things aren’t going perfectly.

 5) Be Open to Change

Sometimes one of the biggest things holding you back from success in meeting your health and weight loss goals is not your lack of desire, but your lack of being open to changing vital parts of your current lifestyle. Revamping your diet to healthier foods may seem boring and reworking your schedule to fit in exercise may seem arduous. But instead of getting overwhelmed by the idea of changing what you’re comfortable with all at once, instead vow to take one simple step at a time. Decide on one thing you can do that will make a difference and start there… like hydrating more throughout the day, switching to healthier snacks, or replacing 1-2 meals with meal replacement shakes. The 310 Community is full of ideas for making your life as healthy and fulfilling as possible.

 6) Get Back On Track

Along with being open to making some good changes in your routine, you have to be willing to accept that every now and then you will stumble… and to simply get back up and get back on track. Instead of beating yourself up because you aren’t meeting every small goal, pat yourself on the back for even trying to begin with. Many people never take that first step, and you did! It’s completely an achievement in itself, and you should be proud of yourself every time you make the decision to get back on track after you fall off.

 7) Eat to Live (But Savor It)

Live to eat or eat to live? Though the latter is the key to a healthy life, that doesn’t mean that food has to be dull or boring. In fact, you can truly, thoroughly enjoy food even more than you did before – once you learn how delicious nutritious, wholesome food can actually be! When you learn to slow down when eating and be mindful – savoring every bite or sip – you can truly enjoy the experience of eating and learn to honor your satiety cues. You’ll find that you don’t have to eat as much as you thought to be fulfilled, saving yourself calories while increasing your enjoyment.

 8) Take a Vacation at Home

Next, do you ever feel like you just want to escape from the monotony, stress, and routine and go somewhere where you can rest? Why not make that rest at home, by treating yourself to things that immediately calm your mind and body, and nourish your spirit and soul? Try these vacation-inspired smoothie recipes like this Pineapple Peach Smoothie, Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie, or Pina Colada Smoothie. Set aside a few hours on the weekend to read a good book in your favorite chair. Or move down your kid’s bedtime one night so you can fit in a bath and calming routine for yourself, like yoga or meditation. When you keep it simple, you may find that there are ways to bring a vacation-like atmosphere right to where you are.

 9) Revamp Your Beauty Routine

Next, freshening up your beauty routine should start on the inside. Instead of treating yourself to new makeup or pampering products, start with what gives you that inner glow to begin with… skin-supporting foods and even supplements to help you feel your best. Antioxidants are known for helping to keep your body well and your skin youthful and radiant-looking, and collagen is a protein that makes up 75-80% of your skin… though you lose it as you age. Replenish vital nutrients, antioxidants, and protein in your body with Vitamin C powder, convenient Beauty Melt tablets, Grass Fed Collagen Powder and more.

 10) Treat Yourself or Someone You Love

Finally, get used to giving yourself gifts on a regular basis, and also give them to other mom figures in your life this Mother’s Day. The act of giving, both to yourself and others, helps release “feel good” endorphins and simply feels great. Need some gift ideas? We have quite a few options at 310… instead of a normal tea subscription kit, try our new 310 Tea Starter Kit – allowing you to try different totally delicious teas while giving your body a cleanse from the inside out. Another idea is the Blend Jet2 – allowing you to make sumptuous 310 Smoothies anywhere you are. And our new 310 Shirt is also a great reminder for strong women everywhere – that beginning your health journey starts with YOU!


Decide to invest in the beautiful flower garden that is your life, taking note that the MOST beautiful flower in the bunch IS YOU. Water your health today and every day and make this Mother’s Day the most significant yet!

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