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Not So Sweet Saturday

By Jonathan Saldivar



Hey guys, good morning. Happy Not Sweet Saturday. It's just a Saturday today. I'm gonna kind of explain why we're not doing this Sweet Saturday once I make sure the connection is good when you guys can see and hear me Okay. 

So, if you can leave a comment when you guys join that way, I know it's all working and all that, and then we'll get started.

Like I said, it's not gonna be a Sweet Saturday but I hope you guys will still be able to kind of take away something from this and hopefully, you'll find helpful or at the very least interesting. But I really wanted to take today the kind of practice what I preach and let you guys in on some self-care concepts, I guess. 

And like I said, just like really kind of talk about self-care and again practice what I preach. I woke up today, I don't wanna start to get too deep into it if the comments are not working. So, sometimes it takes a while for them to load but once I see one, I'll get started. I just don't wanna have to start over. 

There we go, Victoria, thank you. Cause sometimes it don't work and then I have to start all over. So, yeah. So, I woke up this morning feeling super, super rundown. Like, you guys can probably see it in my face and hear it in my voice a little bit. But I just have a lot going on. I have school full time. I work this job as often as I can because I hate leaving you guys, your messages just unread. I don't like it when I can't get to all my notifications. When it takes me a while to get back to you guys, I really don't like that.

Importance of Self Care

So, I work as often as I can. And then on top of that, I'm also just a person and I tried to make time to sleep and eat and you know the other things that you need to do to be a human. Social interaction.

But I woke up today and I was just feeling so, so exhausted and tired and rundown. And I was like, Okay, what am I gonna make, you know? It's time to make a shake today and I was trying to come up with a recipe and it just, I was struggling more than I usually do to find a recipe. 

And I kind of thought this would be a really, really good opportunity to be just open and honest with you, guys. I mean I always try to be super open and honest with you guys, but I thought it would be a good time to kind of remind everyone that like, we're all human, right? And it's so okay to have a day that looks different and sometimes practicing self-care means taking a break from what your normal day is and doing something else, right? 

And I think I kind of was talking with someone about this earlier in the week. This idea of comparison and how it really gets in the way of self-care. Because also I wanted to say hi to Remy, good morning. And, Jen, good morning.

But I wanted to do something different because you know I was really struggling to find a recipe and I was just like even just like getting up and trying to -- like, not run around the house but like find things around the house to use in the shake and everything. I just kind of thought like this is, this is too much. I need to take a break and I need to like--  come with the community and we need to talk about this together, right?

Because Victoria just said you're working two jobs like it does get overwhelming. And even if you don't work any jobs but maybe you're taking care of a kid or you're taking care of a family member or you have multiple obligations. Like, it can be overwhelming, right? Especially living through a pandemic. Like we're in a pandemic still, you know. And even just having that as like a thought that's in our mind, is overwhelming. And it can be very overwhelming. 

So, I wanted to take today instead of forcing myself to do a shake for you guys which I'm still gonna do one this week. It will just be tomorrow.  I wanted to take this opportunity to kind of like come together with you guys with this topic and like we can talk about it together and hopefully just bring some awareness to the fact that it's okay to take a break, right?

I think in this society, in this culture that we live in. We very much thrive on like productivity and a lot of us kind of -- a lot of us, and I say this because I do. Probably tired or too productivity, right?

Like we kind of think like oh, I did so much today that I, you know I feel like I did good today because I did so much or you know, I went to bed and I was so exhausted. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Like and we kind of almost aim for that every day, right? Because we live in this society, in this culture that tells us we need to produce and have all these things to show that we've done in order to feel like a high sense of achievement or self-worth. And it's not just always practical and it's not always helpful.

So, again, I really wanted to take this day to kind of like just to bring some awareness to this idea of like productivity and comparison to. But in general, also self-care looks different, right? And sometimes self-care means waking up early and going and doing your exercise or taking your dog for a walk or going on your jogs as you walk or waking up early to make a breakfast. Or, you know, staying up a little bit before bed to do your exercises. And that can be a form of self-care.

On other days like today for me, self-care means sleeping in, skipping that morning workout or exercise or walk, and making a breakfast that maybe isn't something you would typically eat. Because self-care can look different and it's so important to not guilt and shame yourself just for needing a break, right?

And I think I talked about this last week. I think I did. It's ok to have these days where it looks different, right? And I just wanna like stress the fact that you're gonna have days that look different. And sometimes self-care is gonna be working out and sometimes it's not gonna be working out. Sometimes it's gonna be sleeping in and sometimes it's not gonna be sleeping in. 

Some days it's gonna be having a big full breakfast spread of like maybe French toast and eggs and orange juice and fruit and yogurt and granola.  And then other days it's gonna be having your 310 shake, right?

And it can look different but there's no point to guilt or shame yourselves over it. And I caught myself doing these this morning and I was like, wow, you really should have woken up. You have so much studying to do today. You know you're supposed to make a shake for these people and they always like seeing shakes in you. And you love doing your shake, why didn't you just get your shake, right?

And it's, you gotta stop yourself because it's not helpful. Because every day can't be the same and sometimes it looks different and sometimes self-care looks different too. And I really just like this is just kind of -- probably it will gonna be a pretty short live feed today unless you guys have questions and feedback which is always welcome as you know.

But I really want to do this because I really, really think too what we get in this idea and social media can be so, so, I don't wanna say harmful because it does amazing things. It brings all of us together, right? But it can also be on the flip side. You have to take it with a grain of salt too. Because I had this conversation with someone the other day where I was like, I guess, social media really placed a big impact on our lives. 

And they were like, well I don't really think it does. I think it plays so much of a role in our lives sometimes that we just don't even realize it because it's so subconscious because it's so much a part of every day, right? 

So, social media would maybe say well, you're supposed to wake up early and go to the gym and do all these things because that's what you're supposed to do, right? But it's not always gonna be the thing to do.

Brook’s asking what are these white things? These are my little part of my Halloween decorations. I did, I've been very feeling festive this year. Last year I just wasn't really in the right headspace to do right like holiday stuff. 

So, this year I'm gonna make up for it and I'm gonna make the most of it. I have this like this bone sticking out as part of my decoration that I have. Behind the camera, I have cobweb and like pumpkins. That's what it is. 

I realized now it probably looks a little strange but it's just bones. Fake bones. Nothing, nothing super fancy. 

Hi Sherry, good morning. But yeah, I mean the whole point of this live it's a very succinct message, and it's a very short message, but I just wanted to show you guys cause I think also when it comes to the comparison thing, we assume that everything we'd see is everything that's happening, right?

So, we see someone wake up and post on Instagram video them working out, it's 6 am and we kind of just assume that they do this every day and work out at 6 a.m. You know, when in reality maybe they just posted that one video. But I really wanted to kind of call myself too. Even though I tried to be as open and honest with you guys as possible. 

I never want to give off this persona that I'm perfect and that I  wake up every day and exercise and you eat the best foods available and never eat anything I shouldn't and never drink anything I shouldn't.

You know and I just wanted to kind of shed light on that because I think we really, really lose sight of that especially when all we're seeing on social media is what people want us to see, right?

My grandma's on. Hi grandma. Aileen asked, what would you suggest for shake for a diabetic. Plain coffee and chocolate powder, she's getting old. Aileen, there's so many options you can do healthy fats like peanut butter, like almond butter, cashew butter, any nut, any chia seed, flaxseed, let's see, avocado. 

You can do lower carb fruit such as berries that also have a lot of fiber in them. It will really fiber in of itself helps to control blood sugar so you actually may enjoy added things like oats too. Oats are really good for blood sugar control and heart health. 

But of course if you ever have like very specific questions and you know notice changes in your blood sugar after eating or drinking anything that's abnormal, of course, speak with your physician or primary care provider because it's definitely something that it's gonna be a better-suited question for them.

Yeah, there's so many options. I think people think it's 301 shakes and just making like a smoothie with fruit sometimes and even though I love my fruit, I'm going through like a bag of grapes every like 3 days right now. I don't know what's going on with me and grapes, but I love them.

But yeah, you don't have to make a shake with fruit if you don't want to. There are plenty and plenty of fruit to have, high fiber such as berries and avocado. Avocados are fruit. Sometimes I forget that but it is.

Hi Dionne and Jessica. Jessica, I was originally from Montana, so I know that that's not too far from North Dakota. I'm not great with my geography but I do know those are really close. I know they're both up there. Thank you, Victoria, I appreciate it.

But yeah this is I mean; this is the whole point. It's, it really is just to calm myself out because I know, it's so, so easy to get caught up and social media and just assume and we have to remember too, right? Like social media isn't a whole picture of someone's life. It's the pictures of what they wanted us to see, right?

And I will say I think it's getting better. I think a lot of people are kind of recognizing that and kind of posting things in between but just as per as a human. As a species it's very, we make assumptions. We try to create the whole picture. If we don't have information, we try to synthesize it on our own. Because that's just our nature, right? We're inquisitive, we like to know the full story. We like to know -- information.

So, we try to draw that information from what we see. And what we see often is a picture or very short video and there's no way we can know the full story. But we do it subconsciously and we do it as part of just a specie, right?

But yeah, I just really want to draw attention to that, and today for most days for me self-care is making time go to exercise because even though I may not want to wake up early sometimes and sometimes I'm like Oh, I wish I would just sleep. I know in the moment I'm gonna feel good once I'm there and I'm gonna feel great after I'm done, right?

And I'm gonna be like whew! Got that out of the way the rest of the day I can do whatever I want, and I know that I did exercise because I know that it's good for me. I know that it makes me mentally and emotionally feel good and it makes me physically stay healthy and strong, right?

But today I woke up and I was like, no, this is not self-care today. This would be the opposite of self-care today, right? So, I slept in and I didn't exercise. Maybe I'll exercise later. Maybe I won't. It just depends on how I feel, right? And it's super, super important I think to just eliminate the shame and the guilt associated with taking a day off or taking time off or making self-care be the opposite of what it should be, right?

Most days I have the 310 shake for breakfast and that is like a form of my self-care that's something I do every day, right? Because it makes me feel good. I like starting out my day that way. I know that I got a lot of protein and a lot of good ingredients and I just feel good. 

But some days I don't want it. Some days I feel like I need that big spread of like pancakes and you know eggs and a bowl of fruit and whatever, and I do that. And that's okay, right? So, I just wanted to bring attention to that. 

It's really not like a live, a long live feed unless of course have questions and things but I just wanted to really put that out because even I this morning got caught up in it, you know. 

I was like, oh no, I need to go to the gym. Like, what was wrong with me, and then I was like, no!. You're overwhelmed, take a break, take a day, because if we don't, if we don't take time to practices self-care and actually honor what that self-care looks like that day, guess what? We're not going to magically be like, oh, I just skipped self-care and now you know what, I decided I feel better.

No, we're still gonna have those things going on and they're going to present themselves and manifest in different ways, right? And maybe the next day, the next thing you know we're yelling at our partner or we're yelling at our friend or we're crying while we're driving in traffic. Because these things have to come out, right? 

You just don't carry our own emotions and then decide like oh, I don't want this anymore. You know, it's something that's gonna come out and manifest. So, it's important to take time to just give yourself the care that you need however that looks. 

I don't have any live workouts planned soon, Remy. However, that is definitely something that I can try to do for you guys. I know you guys have enjoyed them, right? It seems like you have so, I will definitely note that. I think that's very helpful feedback.

I will try to come up with something very soon for you guys. I do enjoy those. Oh, what did I do? Okay, it's fine. 

What do I put in my morning shake? Oh, my gosh, it's so different. Usually, quite honestly, usually I get stuck on one shake because just because I like it and I'm one of those people where I'm like if it’s not broken, don't fix it. Usually, I only start drinking different shakes after Saturdays when I make new shakes for you guys, and then I like them, so I stick with them.

But I think right I'm having banana in my morning shake, orange in my morning shake and I'm adding peanut butter and flaxseeds and I used it with the salted caramel, the chocolate, and vanilla. It works with all of them. So, I'm usually doing that right now and I haven't had the different shake in a while. I mean, that's just me. Some people like to have different shakes every day and that's fine. 

I just find that it's easier to drink just the same one cause it tastes really good and I've no problem with it. But that's a good question. Yeah, there's so many options and if you guys are wanting recipes, you can go to the units and the community or you can go to the website and we have a blog and we actually sort them by flavor which is pretty nice because then if you know you want a vanilla shake you can go on there directly for the vanilla shake and not have to sort through the other ones. 

But yeah, I mean that's it. I mean I didn't really have a lot of plan for you guys, I just really, really wanted to bring awareness to this and oh, one thing I did wanna touch on was, I just thought about it. Dang it, what was I gonna say.  I don't know but then I saw Teresa say something that's – been walking 20,000 steps every week. This morning I walked a, I've worked 8 hours, came home, and did not walk.

Yes, it's okay. And here's a thing too. We also get caught up and like this is where I think it's so important to realize that like we put so much stress on ourselves. Sometimes to be and to perform, right? And I think that that is just very much society. 

It's like, we value, and we look at people that are performers and produce things and we're like, wow, that's of worth, you know. And even me sometimes, I get caught up with myself and to be honest, sometimes I usually don't even hit 10,000 steps. Because between everything I have to do today or do in a day and how many hours I have to study. Like, I'm not mobile as much as I would like to be. 

I tried to get up and do you know and push-ups and like squats every like hour at while I'm studying and stuff. But it's still not walking but some days I'll get 10,000 steps and some days I get 2,000 steps. You know and it's just another form of self-care is doing what's going to take care of you overall, right?

Because is it better to make sure you get 10,000 or 20,000 steps in your case steps in a day but go to bed late and have to you know skip out on dinner or miss a dinner or not have that phone call that you have planned with your best friend just to get your steps in rightly.

It looks different that's why I say you have to consider everything, right. Because for maybe someone getting 10,000 steps is going to be their form of self-care but maybe for someone else that means sacrificing something else that's just gonna make things, make them feel worst overall.

So, it's just, it's different, right? But it's also for me and I recommend this for everyone and I never really like recommend anything I think because I very much want you guys to always feel comfortable and confident in making your own opinions and forming your own ideas and stuff like that.

I'll keep you the information, but I don't typically say like do this because first of all I understand there's no such thing that's gonna work for everyone, right. Like, even if you, me, Betty Sue, Betty Crocker, and Jane Dear or whatever, it's a John Deere. All A, the same thing and exercise the exact same way like to the minute to the second are results, are all gonna be different because we're different people, right?

So, I'm never gonna say like oh, you should do it exactly this way because I don't know, you know, like. I don't wanna say I recommend but what I think is very important when you're doing self-care is just a practice of self-gratitude especially I come to this idea of comparison because we do this a lot with social media. We compare, we compare, we compare. 

We look at it, we subconsciously compare. We may not even know that we're doing it but we're doing it, right?

And it's very important to practice gratitude because how can you be grateful for what you have if you're so busy chasing what you want, right? And I always say, you don't have to be where you want to be in order to celebrate where you are. Maybe your goals to lose 50 pounds and you're not quite at 50 pounds or at 10. 

But how, like it's so, so important to still celebrate where you are even on the journey to where you wanna go. And that's why I think gratitude place such a big role in this because if you're so focused all the time on chasing something and wanting something and putting all your attention on that you forget to take inventory of where you're at.

And that's so important because if you don't take inventory of where you are at and how you feel now and take you know and internal assessment of where you are at now and how you feel, you probably never got to where you wanna go or you wanna gonna make it harder because you're gonna be like why I have been doing this and I've been doing this. 

And you know all these things I've been trying to do and I still haven't lost 50 pounds but maybe you've lost 15. Maybe you've lost 20, maybe you lost 5. You can't get to 50 pounds without losing the 5, the 15, the 10, the 1 pound in between. 

But if we don't take stock and we don't take a second to appreciate that, it's gonna make it so much harder to where we want to go because we are so caught up on chasing something, right? And we're gonna feel like we're never getting anywhere.

So, I think it's really, really, really important to practice gratitude. And, I'm always like I don't know if it's weird but like I find medicine and science and like studies very interesting so I did actually read a study that showed that people that practice gratitude on a daily basis are actually happier. 

Report. You can't measure like happiness, I guess but report feeling happier and report more success than their counterparts that don't practice gratitude. So, something to think of and it doesn't have to be like this big process where you sit down and you're like I am grateful for, you know. 

It doesn't have to be in this crazy but sometimes like if I am feeling overwhelmed like today and I started to get down on myself and I start to think, Okay, what do I need? What is self-care looks like for me today? I take out a journal and I just write down some things that I'm grateful for. 

And maybe you're like this is weird. I don't know like my car my husband or whatever. But then it starts to really flow and you just start to write all these things as simple as my 310 tea. My 310 shake in the morning. 

You know, my alarm, the fact that I get to wake up every day. The fact that I get to live another day sort of write all these things down. And then you have a beautiful list that you get to look at on and reflect on.

And suddenly, things don't seem over as overwhelming, right? Yes, let me right write the gratitude less every night. I do, yes, I tried to write one in the morning and then I'll be honest, it was just too much.

So, I started doing one in the morning just cause I am a morning person and I very much like to like wake up and cook breakfast or make a shake and enjoy a little bit of the morning before I go out and like do all the things that I have to do in a day.

I'll do one in the morning. But, yes, one at night. Even if you're like feeling overwhelmed to your desk at work and you have like a five-minute break or ten-minute break and you wanna write something down, right?

It can really, really, help because especially when we're caught up in this idea of comparison and more just like so gung-ho who on trying to get what we want that we forget to take a second and appreciate where we are.

Yasmine replied to I think Nora which Nora, sorry, I saw this when I got caught up on a tangent which you guys know happens. The pumpkin. I think you asked what you can put in the pumpkin? I can't find the comment but I'm pretty sure that's what you asked. 

Let's see. You can do banana, you can do cocoa powder, you can do half-half chocolate, half pumpkin. You can do banana, you can do pumpkin puree for even more pumpkiny flavor. You can do like little chocolate chips if you want like a dessert shake. What else? You can put in coconut; coconut pumpkin sounds good to me. Coconut milk. Actual coconut flakes. What else? Avocado. You can't really taste the avocado. You can do spinach. You can't really taste spinach either. 

But I think yeah, you just have to try it to believe it. I don't taste the spinach or avocado. But, again, it doesn't mean you definitely won’t, but you can try and see what you think. There's also so many recipes online and stuff too, every day. New recipes are being posted in the community. So, a good question.

I actually haven't had breakfast yet. I woke up, I did not sleep well which probably contributed to feeling lethargic today. But I didn't sleep well and I woke and I was like really, really thirsty. And I have just been chugging water because I was super dehydrated. 

I think just because I was really hot last night, but I would kind of sweat. Sorry, it's just kind of gross. But I was like really hot it's normal, everyone sweats but I was hot so I would sweat. But then I was cold because I was sweating. So that I had to like - wake up and change. I don't know, I just keep getting hot. I think it's cause I really, really like this blanket that I have, and I keep trying to use but it's a little too warm. But I really like it so I keep trying to use it. 

Anyway, I was sweating more than normal so I woke up and I was pretty dehydrated. So, I've just been drinking a bunch of water so I haven't been hungry yet. But now that I'm talking about this breakfast, I realized that I actually am hungry because I'm thinking about food more which if you guys have seen my other lives like I was talking about the hunger sensations and how our body tries to tell us to eat.

And although maybe I may not have my stomach rumbling, I now know that I'm hungry because I'm thinking about food a lot more. Even during this live, I probably breakfast like six times. And I'm like subconsciously I'm like, what am I gonna have after this. So, I now realized I'm hungry, right?

Even though my stomach is not growling, I know that I'm hungry and I can have, I can sense the like I don't know if you guys are sensitive to this but for me when I start to get hungry I can tell that I get like slightly increased like salivation. It's not like an overwhelming where I’m like flowing out of my mouth, obviously. 

But, I can start to tell that like my salivary glands are really like alright, let's do this. That's for me. But if you pay attention usually you can notice them. That's it guys. I mean, today wasn't a shake so I don't, I didn't want to disappoint you guys not make a shake but at the same time like this is what is so important to realize and recognize that sometimes you just need to make an adjustment and taking care of yourself is important even if that means making an adjustment.

And this is where gratitude comes in place so much because I'm very grateful to have a job like this that I have where I can come to you guys and tell you guys this is hap and have an open and honest discussion. And make this be an educational experience for me and you both, right? For all of us.

And hopefully, share this information with everyone. So, that's where it is very important to practice gratitude. You know and I think that it's, it's just kind of ties into the whole thing.

Audience Q and A

How soon can I get 310, Rhianna? Is it Ariana, Rhianna, I don't know. I'm sorry. You can I'm not entirely sure. It really depends on where you live. Like with most shipping but if you contact customer service, you go to 310.com and contact customer service they can give you a good idea of what shipping to your area might look like.

I will say we ship things as quickly as possible. But I don't know, I mean it just really depends on where you at. But customer service is amazing and has all that knowledge and information. So, I would ask them cause I don't want to scare you wrong.

And I think I saw one more question before I go. Jill, asked what is my role at 310 nutrition. Thank you for that question. I am a nutritionist and oh, you're sliding. I'm a nutritionist and health coach for 310. And usually on Saturdays, we do Sweet Saturday where I make a new shake live for you guys but today it just needed to look a little different.

And I'm very grateful that you guys understand that and I'm very grateful that you were open to this live feed and this discussion. And I really, really do hope that you guys were able to take something away from it.

Even if it's just knowing that I'm not like some crazy robot that's perfect because I am not. And I will never pretend to be and that is what I wanted to remind you guys of today. If in case, you have forgotten. 

But tomorrow I do plan on doing a shake recipe and possibly another recipe for you guys. So, I'm not gonna tell you what it is yet, but I'll make up for the one I missed today. 

Oh, my goodness, Rachel. Well, I hope that you recover very quickly. I'm so glad 310 shakes have been there to help you get through your recovery and provide you some form of nutrition. And I'm glad that they're working for you and suited for you at this point.

You know we're always thinking of you so just recover soon. Take as much time as you need. We'll be here. So, Remy, if you were an act, if you were an ambassador technically unless you were an ambassador through like Instagram which there's kind of different. 

If you were you wanna reach out the Instagram people. I don't know. If you when you created that account whoever reached out to you that's who 

you wanna reach to. But if you were doing it through Facebook, you can just keep doing it. You don't, it's not really like an active, inactive status. We will never ever fault someone for not being active.

Like we get it. You guys have other lives too. We just very much appreciate everything you do. Anytime you wanna talk about 310 and spread the word of 310 we appreciate it. We'll never like to deactivate anyone for not being as active.

So, if you just wanna jump back in, jump back in. Get your feet wet. I think yes, I appreciate that. Oh, a Washington that's WA, right? Washington. Okay, California delivers 7-10 business, 7 or 14 business days. Yes, and also it depends guys to like, it really just depends like sometimes we get the product and like and it's in the box and they may ship it out and then the mail loses it. Or it falls off their truck or they give it to the wrong person. 

Once it leaves the facility like we can give you updates on the tracking but please remember we don't actually bring it to you like, right? If there's ever an issue just keep that in mind that because our customer service team works so, so hard.

But we don't actually drive the product or fly the product anywhere so of course we're gonna help you get your product and make sure it gets to you.  But if it ever takes a little bit longer just remember like there's multiple people in the process and our reps are always gonna do everything they can to get it to you as quickly as possible. 

But like sometimes things happen. Like literally I have an Amazon package fall off the truck like last week. I didn't even know that was the real thing but if fell of the truck, right? And it's, it wasn’t Amazon's fault. It was just it happen, right? 

I know you guys are all super understanding and stuff it's just sometimes that's when you, sometimes it's just that you want your product. Trust me, I know that you like it's just you want it so bad that it seems like it's taking forever. But we will always try to get it to you as quickly as possible.

Let's see. When is 310 coming out with an organic Matcha? I don't know. Also, I don't know when the strawberry shakes will be available. You know, hopefully, you guys know that we recently made our transition to like the newer, newest organic in vegan shakes. And we're coming up with flavors just as when we started. You know, when we first started, I believe we only have 3 flavors and people were asking will you have more? We have more.

So, we'll keep coming up with flavors. I don't have necessarily any date to say. I think it really just kind of depends. But I know that we are working to get more flavors out.

And as far as Matcha I don't know. I haven't necessarily heard of anything. I'm not in that like part of the program that does it or the company that does like that stuff. But you guys know as soon as I know I will tell you.

And anytime we have new products and stuff like that coming out or sales like notifications and stuff we will usually send an email and usually update the community too. So, make sure you're subscribed to emails and make sure you stay updated in the community.

Oh, also, Rhianna, this is a really good question. So, what I have done if you have a neighbor or a friend that will -- cause sometimes it's you know it's close like they say like 3 or 5 days. You're leaving on the 5th day and you still wanna chance it. 

I have actually had my package to a friend or a neighbor if I know that I'm probably not gonna be home. Or there's a chance so maybe if you can have it delivered to a family member or friend and see if they can have that for you. Or if you have someone that can run over to your house and grab it. That's what I've done before. And it worked pretty well.

Someone from the community actually recommends that to me cause I don't think I would have thought --- (cut off) 

Sorry guys I didn't silence my phone and oh my gosh, off-topic but I don't know if you guys have been receiving so many calls. But like I've been getting so many telemarketing calls and like political calls and it's just like I don't even know how these people got my number.

I'm just trying to study and work here. Anyway, tangent. But good question. So you guys hopefully I was able to. 

Jill, do these shakes give you a digestive system a break. I'm not sure what you mean. You actually don't really wanna give your digestive system a break. Your digestive system is really like your muscles. Like you use it or lose it.

It is one of those things where if you don't use it. If you don't use you know, break down food and digest food you will lose. You can lose the gastrointestinal function. If you mean can shakes really certain symptoms of any illness or disease such as like celiac or something like that.

I would say they can however, it's very independent. I will never say like for sure, absolutely this shake is gonna make you, your colitis clear up because I don't know. You know, there's no way to know your body and your disease and whatever you know is going on. But I will say that I, I mean Rachel is just saying how she's relying on the 310 shakes in times of illness and recovery to really get in her nutrition.

I would say yeah, they can definitely help. I typically have digestive issues and the shakes work really, really well for me. But, if you're also concerned we have many things such as the digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar, or what's the other one. Digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar, and the probiotics that can help with your digestion overall.

Keep in mind you guys anytime you make changes to your diet it's normal to experience some digestive changes, right? Like if you're used to eating. Even if you're used to eating like a big mac every day and then you go to a salad. Even though the salad is probably a better option, it's still your gut may still have a difficult time adjusting or may have -- it may need some time to adjust. So just keep that in mind. 

And usually, your body can adjust pretty quickly but again it just depends on person to person. Fran, I know that we had Amazon prime week where we had individual packets of flavors. I don't know if they're still available, but customer service would know. 

So I would call, chat, or email them. Typically chat or phone are gonna have the quicker response sometimes. Email just takes a little bit longer cause it's email. 

Oh, nice Nicky, congrats. I'm very glad for you to be on day 3. I'm glad you're on our live. And I'm glad you're finding them to taste amazing so far. Yeah, I can't wait to have one after this. 

But you guys you had some good questions. And again, I notice it wasn't a Sweet Saturday live and it was kind of just like a very succinct live. But I really just kind wanna to draw attention to self-care and how it's okay for you to look different somedays. 

And some days it means being really productive and other days it means being non-productive and maybe just sleeping in and skipping the exercise and having a big smorgasbord for breakfast or something, right?

So, it's okay. And we really need to try our hardest to take away the shame and the guilt that we carry with that because it doesn't serve us any good. It doesn't serve a purpose. And practice gratitude, right?

When you're feeling overwhelmed take inventory, think, what do I need today?  What does self-care look like today? And then practice gratitude. And I really, really hope it helps you guys cause it really can be, this can be an overwhelming process.

But, that's why we always say it's a lifestyle change and no one expects you to do it overnight or in a week or in a month, right?

So, I will be doing recipes tomorrow at least one hopefully two. I'm pretty sure I'll do two. But I don't wanna make, make promises. Tomorrow will be 9 am pacific standard time. Hopefully, I will see you guys there.

Thank you for joining and I hope you guys have a good rest of your day. Bye.

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