This year, we are hosting a virtual 5k (3.10 miles)
on 03/10 for 310 Day to support you on your
health journey!
What to expect:
  • ✔ No stress, 5k at your own pace
  • ✔ Community support along the way
  • ✔ Raffle prizes everyday from March 1-10

What's a virtual 5K? It's a 5 kilometer walk (or run) at your own pace, at your own terms. Track however you like, no racing, no pressure.

Register Today!
Event Starts March 1st, 2023
With our 5k Your Way Bundle, You'll Get:
  • ✔ 310 Day 5k Finisher Medal
  • ✔ Commemorative Shirt
  • ✔ Stainless Steel Bottle
  • ✔ Hydrate Variety Box
  • ✔ $10 Gift Card
  • ✔ 100 entries to win over $1,000 in prizes

5K “Your Way”:

Think you can’t complete a 5K? Think again! This event is designed to empower you in your goals by showing you that you CAN. Walk, jog or run to complete your miles.

When and Where Do I Do the 5K (3.10 miles)?

You can complete your 5K whenever and wherever you want in the week leading up to 310 Day (3/10/2023). All we ask is that you finish all your miles by the end of 310 Day (3/10).

How Will I Prepare for the 5K?

When it comes to the stamina you need to complete a 5K, it’s all about the right fuel. We recommend a nutritious diet of whole foods including replacing 1-2 meals per day with 310 Shakes, and avoiding sugary and processed foods. Our health coaches will reveal a 5K prep training schedule complete with tips and exercises for each week in the Community. So, the best thing you can do right now is get your Shakes and other beneficial 310 products like Hydrates, Lemonades, and targeted Supplements.

How does completing a 5K get you closer to your health goals?

Though completing a 5K may at first seem challenging, with small daily steps of commitment, it is completely achievable. And it is those daily steps of commitment that also allows you to show up for yourself, because you’re worth it. Training for a 5K puts you in the mindset to succeed in the race, which is the exact same mindset you need to succeed in weight loss and the rest of your health goals. And by actually completing the 5K, you’ll gain confidence in yourself to keep going and continue crossing finish lines in other areas of your life.