Update: 310 Nutrition & Corona Virus (COVID19)

As the world mobilizes to respond to the COVID-19 virus, we are making every effort to keep you stocked with all of your favorite 310 products. Our top pledge to our customers is to ensure quality control and hygienic safety at every step, from the manufacturer to your door. We are answering some of the questions you might have regarding the delivery of your 310 products. 

Will my 310 order be delivered?

Yes, it’s one of our top line priorities during this time!

Our fulfillment center is working non-stop to ensure your packages are shipped out in a timely manner. 

Will there be any delays with my order leaving your warehouse?

Currently, deliveries are taking 5-7 business days for standard delivery.

As you know, we offer different shipping options that can get your product to you as soon as 2 business days. You can select your preferred shipping method at checkout!

Will you run out of any products?

Demand for our products have skyrocketed overnight! Our team is working diligently to ensure our shelves stay stocked so we can deliver nutritious meals to your door as often as you need them! 

Can I stock up on 310?

Yes! The shakes do not come premixed and come in a dry powdered form, because of that, the shakes have a 12 month shelf life. Store them in a cool dry area & keep them closed until it is time to use them.

Is 310 the right thing to buy for Coronavirus?

As you may have already experienced, stressful situations lead to mindless eating! 310 Shakes are a great meal alternative to keep your health goals in mind and prevent indulging in unhealthy pantry food.  Plus, it's a good source of nutrients and a low cost meal alternative at just $2.42 a meal.

Are you providing any discounts?

We are continually offering special pricing and bonus offers to help you save. We always have a 25% OFF Lifetime discount for everyone who subscribes to any of our products. We also provide FREE Shipping on any order over $99.00, year round. Ask for details!