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Veronica Thomas Lost 20 Pounds After Only A Few Months On 310!


The Turning Point...

After having two back surgeries back-to-back years, I was immobile due to excruciating pain and unable to exercise anymore. I felt like I had tried everything—weight loss programs, countless diets—but I just couldn’t seem to stick with them or lose the weight I gained. I’d start off great but then lose momentum or the shakes wouldn’t keep me full.  I had so many clothes in my closet that didn’t fit but after spending hard-earned money on them and taking the time to pick them out, I didn’t just want to throw them all away. And I was just plain tired of looking my worst.

When I saw the 310 Nutrition Facebook Ad, I thought it was just another gimmick like the other shakes I had tried that left me hungry and on my own, so I ignored it for months.  I even went as far as putting an order in the cart and leaving it there…

The Change...

The moment I realized that the more weight I put on, the worse my back pain got was the moment I knew I had to find something that worked,  something I could stick with. Because the pain was truly debilitating.  I guess it made me more determined than ever to succeed…

Though I had tried weight loss shakes before, the 310 Facebook Ads kept popping up, and this time I looked at it in a new light. I saw that there were so many success stories of people who were able to stay full on the 310 Shakes, learn to eat clean, and get support through the community to stick with it. I finally added the shakes to my online cart, and this time, with determination in my heart, pushed the button to complete my purchase.

Weight Loss Success!

I’m so happy to report that after just a few months of replacing meals with 310 Shakes , supplements, and support, I have already lost 20 pounds! I went from 174 to 154 and cannot wait till I get to my goal weight of 145.

I’m fitting back into clothes I haven’t worn in over 2 years, even a bathing suit! So I’m glad I didn’t throw my smaller clothes away! I knew I was holding on to them for a reason – keeping hope alive! Oh, and I even rocked my ‘ol bathing suit! Whoopee!

Here’s how I lost the weight with 310 Nutrition and keep it going to this day: 

I normally start off my day with a shake for breakfast along with a hard-boiled egg. I also take my 310 Thin, 310 Metaboost and 310 B12 Melts for extra weight loss and energy support. Then I have my 310 Detox Tea to help de-bloat and get rid of stored toxins.

For lunch, I have my 310 shake and air fried chopped chicken breast salad and a fruit or two.

For dinner, I have seafood, air fried shrimp or fish. I tend to air fry all my meats. I’ll have these with a sweet potato sweetened with honey or monk fruit sugar, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a side of veggies.  Or, sometimes I fix up some mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. I alternate the meats for lunch or dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, I do cheat occasionally. I’m human. But if I do, the following day, I try to have just my shakes along with fruit and boiled eggs to make up for the calorie overage the day before.

This is definitely something I can stick with to not only keep losing more weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It feels absolutely wonderful. Sometimes I look in the mirror after trying on another outfit or pants I haven’t been able to zip up in a really long time and cry tears of joy. I just stand there for the longest time looking at myself in the mirror with pride until something snaps me out of it lol!

Staying Motivated Through Community...

I absolutely love the 310 Community because everyone is all so supportive and caring, no matter your situation. And it felt even better to get to a place where I figured things out and could be a support to others just starting out or struggling. My struggle isn’t over yet. It’s a lifetime commitment to be healthy and feel good. But with the 310 products and incredible encouragement from the 310 community, I know I’ll continue to succeed

Ready to Try 310? 

Our 310 Try It All Kit gives you a chance to try an assortment of products and flavors to find your favorites before committing! It’s the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate health with 310.

This kit includes 6 delicious flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes, green Juices with 70+ Superfoods, alkalizing Lemonades with 0 sugar under 13 calories with Green Tea Phytosomes,  Detox Teas to help you rid your body of years of built up toxins and bloat, a Shaker Cup to make and take along your drinks, a book with easy-to-make healthy recipes,  a phone session with a health coach, and even a $10 gift card to 310!

It’s currently a steal-of-a-price at only $69.00! ($146.99 Value)  That’s over 50% off! You can do this! 

We also invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of men and women are motivating each other on their weight loss journeys.


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