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Healthy & Yummy Breakfast Shake Recipes

There’s nothing like an amazing-tasting smoothie to start your day - unless it’s FIVE amazing- tasting smoothies!! These delicious recipes can help you work towards your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals. And as totally yummy as they are, they’re also extremely functional for busy schedules. Especially with school back in session (and virtual learning bringing new challenges for many families), we know that it’s important for breakfast to be both extremely nutritious, and also extremely fast.

That’s exactly why we created these super-tasty, super-fast breakfast shake recipes packed with well-balanced nutrition, so they’re easy to make for breakfast, or any time of day you need a wholesome meal. They’re full of whole food ingredients to energy, satisfy, and motivate you, minus all the unhealthy processed sugar and additives you’ll find in many other “fast” yet unhealthy breakfast options.

The following breakfast smoothies are made even more nutritious and delicious thanks to 310 Organic Shakes featuring all organic, vegan ingredients, and the creamiest, most delicious-tasting formula you’ll find. With organic coconut creamer, pumpkin protein, superfoods, and plant-based sweeteners, you’ll love everything these shake powders add to your smoothies.

Read on to get our 5 amazing options for breakfast shake recipes, and start blending!

5 Unique Breakfast Shake Recipes

1) Strawberry Pineapple Dragon Fruit Smoothie

strawberry dragonfruit smoothie with 310 unflavored

If you’re looking for a tropical, vibrant adventure in every smoothie sip, this breakfast shake recipe featuring pineapple and brightly-colored dragon fruit is sure to be a hit!

This shake features 310 Organic Unflavored… a smoothie base that isn’t sweetened or flavored, so you can flavor it however you like. We love to add this particular 310 Shake into recipes with bold ingredients, so you can really appreciate the amazing taste in every sip.

Along with 310 Unflavored, you’ll find juicy, refreshing frozen fruits in this recipe, along with banana – giving the shake a thick and fruity taste and texture. There’s also 1 tbsp. of chia seeds for a boost of additional healthy fats and even more protein in every serving!

Get this Strawberry Pineapple Dragon Fruit Smoothie recipe here. 

2) Tropical Mango Smoothie Recipe

310 tropical mango smoothie

This next smoothie is another tropical shake packing in delicious, fruity flavor, with an island flair. Transport yourself to a tropical vacation wherever you are with this creamy, delicious smoothie. For this recipe, we recommend you use 310 Organic Vanilla to give you the richest, creamiest texture and real vanilla bean flavor.

310 Organic Shakes contain all-organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, and are extremely well-balanced so that you get all of the protein, fiber, healthy fats, and superfoods you need into your meals. They’re also extremely delicious, with an indulgent texture.

This shake also contains super-spice, turmeric, which is great for immune support, and along with the mango, gives this shake it’s beautiful golden hue. If you’re looking to support ultimate wellness while indulging in a delicious smoothie, this is a fabulous recipe for you. Psst… Want to reap the benefits of turmeric every day?! Try these convenient Turmeric Capsules or our NEW 310 Golden Milk as well.   

Get this Mango Turmeric Smoothie recipe here. 

3) Morning Glow Shake 

morning glow smoothie in mason jars

The next recipe we have for you is our Morning Glow Shake Recipe, with naturally-cleansing ingredients to help cleanse your body of impurities, and rejuvenate you for the day. Featuring naturally-sweet and cleansing ingredients like green apple, pineapple, fresh ginger, kale, and coconut water, (plus an optional dash of cayenne or lemon juice) – this tasty shake is a treat for your digestive system.

Although we originally wrote this recipe to use 310 Vanilla Shake, we also recommend you try it with 310 Organic Unflavored – to really let the flavors of the spicy-sweet ginger, and sweet apple come through.

If you’re trying to bolster your immune system while supporting healthy, clear skin, and overall health, this is an excellent choice to start your day. Plus, it includes 1 cup of kale so it can help you get in a full serving of veggies on a busy schedule!

Get this Morning Glow Shake recipe here.

4) Berry Ginger Smoothie 

berry ginger 310 unflavored smoothie

Next, this berry ginger smoothie also gives great immune system support while tasting absolutely delicious! Featuring mixed berries, banana, fresh ginger, chia seeds, coconut water, and 310 Organic Unflavored, this is a super-tasty, while still being super-healthy shake that will support your weight loss goals.

The 310 Organic Unflavored provides all the nutrition you want in your breakfast shake recipes, while allowing the bold berry and ginger flavors in your shake to come through. Because this shake is high in antioxidants from the berries and ginger, it supports wellness and good immunity, and it’s also a great drink to help thoroughly cleanse your body.

Want to add even more satisfying protein or superfood greens into your drink? Try it with 310 Collagen Powder or 310 Berry Juice.

Get this Berry Ginger Smoothie recipe here.

5) Vanilla Oat Milk Latte Shake

vanilla oat milk latte shake

Next, if you’re looking for breakfast shake recipes that give you a jolt of caffeine in the morning, this is a tasty option. With 1 cup of brewed coffee, frozen oat milk cubes, frozen banana, vanilla extract and almond butter, it’s a delicious substitute for a typical sugar-packed coffee beverage.

The frozen banana and almond butter in this recipe makes it nice and smooth, paired with the rich and creamy texture of 310 Organic Vanilla Shake. With only 370 calories per smoothie and 22g of protein, this shake can help with your weight loss goals while also giving you a boost from energizing whole foods and your favorite coffee.

The shake also features oat milk, which if you haven’t tried is absolutely amazing in iced coffee drinks. In this recipe, you put the milk into ice cubes and freeze them, so they add even more of a rich and creamy consistency into this drink. It’s a must-try shake!

Get this Vanilla Oat Milk Latte Shake recipe here. 


Want more amazingly-nutrition and delicious smoothie recipes for your busy lifestyle?! Check out the 310 Nutrition Blog, and easily search by your favorite 310 Shake flavors to find more!

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