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How to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

Congrats! You've made it this far on your journey of clean, healthy eating and following a weight loss program using 310 products. But whereas you may have felt strong and motivated initially, now you may be faltering slightly or finding things a bit more challenging.

Why is this the case? Whereas you most likely were driven by sheer determination in the beginning, you may now be feeling some of the symptoms of your body detoxing from unhealthy foods; or you may be missing the dramatic results you witnessed at the start.

Not to worry, because what you’re experiencing is completely normal, and with a few helpful pointers you’ll be sailing over the “second week hump” and into smoother seas in no time at all. The good news is, it does get better! And once you get through it, you’ll be immensely glad that you didn’t give up, and rewarded with feeling the best you’ve ever felt. Here are some tips for moving smoothly through your second week with grace versus disdain:

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Imprint your “why”

Before you started your new 310 program, you probably had a clear focus of your goals and intentions, but by the second week, they might be getting kind of hazy, causing you to lack focus and motivation.

What to do: If you haven’t already clarified your particular “why”, this is the time to do it. Write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Journal about it. Tell it to someone who can help hold you accountable. Do whatever you think will work best to remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Whether weight loss is your number one goal, or you have an overarching desire to improve your health and happiness, take note of it. Get specific and envision yourself at the finish line. Think about what it will feel like to succeed and let that carry you over the difficult parts.

Measure yourself (if you haven’t already)

In the first week, you may have lost quite a bit of water weight and felt greatly encouraged to see the number on the scale go down; but by the second week you may now feel discouraged if the scale is no longer changing.

In actuality, the scale is not the best way to measure your success, as results can change based on what you ate before you stepped on or whether or not you are retaining water. Also, as you get in better shape, you may start to build muscle, which could make the number on the scale go up, even though you are toning and improving the look of your body.

What to do: Instead of just using the scale, measure your body fat percentage using a tool such as a fat caliper for the most accurate way to measure success. As your fat percentage goes down, you know you are on the right track. As another option, use a tape measure to take measurements in different areas of your body including your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms; do this frequently and track your progress.

Be kind to yourself and don’t play the comparison game

Now is a great time to be your own best friend, but often we get caught up in comparison games and suddenly feel like we are behind target, based on someone else’s results. While it’s helpful to discuss goals with others who are on similar journeys, your ups and downs will be individual to you, and you need to dig deep and search within for the inner strength to be true to your own path.

What to do: It can be helpful to have some daily quiet time to either meditate or reflect on everything you are grateful for and praise yourself for being brave enough to start making positive changes in your life. Focus on the accomplishments you’ve seen so far and if you haven’t seen any yet, remind yourself that they are coming. If you aren’t into meditating, journaling might be more your speed, or even taking a walk in nature or somewhere you feel grounded to help you relieve stress.

Spice up your routine with some new additions

If you’ve decided to give up some unhealthy foods cold turkey, you may still be having some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms by the second week. Your body may need a little help adjusting to this new normal in the form of products that can help to detox your system, boost your energy, halt your sugar cravings and suppress your appetite.

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What to do: Make sure you’re drinking enough water and other healthy fluids. Then consider adding some healthy supplements to your routine that can help you move along with greater ease and conquer your goals, especially in the weeks to come when things are still new for you. 310 offers a variety of weight loss supplements to meet your specific needs, depending on what you are currently experiencing. For one suggestion, this probiotic formula can help boost your immunity and streamline digestion while your body is transitioning.

Be brave enough to ask for help

Sometimes it’s actually the hardest thing to do, but it cannot be understated that sometimes you just need that additional guidance to move out of your comfort zone and stay strong when things get tough. The best people to ask are those who have made it through the same thing you are currently going through, and professionals that can help you develop a personalized plan for you.

What to do: Make sure you join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook, which is full of 310 users ready to help and motivate you as you move forward, along with people just like you who are just starting out. There are also professional nutritionists who can help answer your questions and make sure you’re on the right track.

You’re Almost There! Keep Going!

Now you can use the tips above and be armed with the tools to succeed when you’re stuck in a rut whether it be in your second week or any time throughout your journey.

Also, certain 310 kits are designed to provide you with additional support as you move toward your goals. For instance, the 310 Lifestyle System with 310 Juice contains advanced tools to help you hit the ground running.

For help to boost your immunity and detox your whole body, the superfood juice kit contains great-tasting 310 Juice, an e-book on how to detox with it (great for sugar withdrawal symptoms), a recipe book with 30 shake recipes, and access to a live health coach.

Don’t give up – Success is right around the corner! Keep going and soon you’ll be feeling your absolute best!

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