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Tips & Tricks to Stick to Your Diet While Traveling

Vacation is a time to tune out, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends while experiencing the local flair of a different city or country.  But with that comes a mixed-up schedule and added temptations that can lead you astray from your daily routine of eating healthy and working out. 

It’s okay to enjoy a little bit of indulgence, but don’t let all of the strides you’ve made with your weight loss and clean eating lifestyle get washed away. With a little bit of thought and preparation, you can enjoy your time off while adhering to your wellness plans!

Keep the Momentum Going with These Tips:

1) Pack healthy snacks or shakes 

Whether traveling by car or plane one thing is certain. It might be a long day and eventually hunger will strike.  Avoid grabbing fast food or pre-packaged snacks that tend to be high in calories and fat as well as heavy on the salt (travel bloat). 

Bring foods that are rich in nutrition and protein to keep you satisfied longer as well as non-perishables that can last outside of the refrigerator.  Single serve protein shake powders are a handy way to mix as you go or pre-mix and chill to take with you

Nuts, dried fruit, or no-bake protein balls will keep your taste buds satisfied for something chewy, crunchy and semi-sweet at the same time. Want a keto-friendly snack? Try these Keto No-Bake Almond Bars for a low-carb friendly option!

2) Be strategic with restaurant choices 

Once you know the area you will be traveling to, start looking for restaurants that offer healthier options.  With all of the online resources you can read menus, look at reviews, and book your reservations before you ever leave home. 

At lunch try swapping out a beef burger for veggie burger, and ask for a sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon on it instead of fries.

For dinner, try swapping out thin crust pizza with roasted veggies drizzled with seasoned olive oil in lieu of meat and cheese. And always make sure to ask for your dressing on the side.

*Keep in mind: An average 2 tablespoon serving of ranch dressing contains 129 calories, 13 grams of fat and less than 1 gram of protein.

3) Take a trip to the grocery store

Eating every meal out can be time consuming, expensive and fattening. Before heading out, make a list and take note of what ingredients you need to prepare healthy meals for the week. Use this time to be creative and try out a new recipe.

Some grocery shopping tips...

  • Shop the perimeter of the store first to load up on fresh fruit and veggies before diving into the snack aisles
  • Don’t shop while your hungry
  • Choose minimally processed foods
  • Skip foods containing artificial ingredients and additives like preservatives and an abundance of sodium 

4) Stay Hydrated 

Travel often means a change in your sleeping and eating habits, as well as your environment.  All of these can have a dehydrating effect on your body. Staying healthfully hydrated will not only help keep your mind and body feeling rejuvenated but also help keep you feeling full and satisfied. When you're properly hydrated, you're less likely to overeat or snack mindlessly. 

Keep a water bottle with you in the house or on the go to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of water throughout the day. You can use some of the new types of water bottles that track your hydration which helps ensure you’re not accidentally falling behind and having to guzzle copious amounts of water at the end of the day. 

Not crazy about the taste of water? Try adding 310 Lemonade with alkalizing minerals and green tea extract to enhance your water! It's sugar-free and comes in ready-to-go single serve sticks that's perfect for traveling. 

5) Stay mindful, but enjoy yourself!

Last vacation rule of thumb is have fun! Be aware and conscious about your food and drink intake, but don’t be so regimented that you pass up some of the things that make vacationing a real treat! 

Check the 310 Nutrition Blog for more articles and recipes to help you live your healthiest, most fulfilled life!


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