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310 Shakes vs. Arbonne Shakes


310 Shakes and Arbonne Shakes are both plant-based shakes full of natural, nourishing ingredients, but there are some stark differences between the two. While they’re both marketed as healthy lifestyle shakes, Arbonne Protein Shakes contain quite a bit of sugar (9 grams) per serving, whereas 310 Shakes have no sugar at all.


Arbonne Shakes are also much lower in fiber and higher in carbs (making them less effective for satiety and long-term weight management). But both shake brands do not contain artificial sweeteners in their shakes, which is great for both health and weight loss goals.


In general, Arbonne Essentials is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), meaning you will buy from a distributor and there might be some pressure to become a seller yourself. In contrast, 310 Nutrition is an e-commerce company (not an MLM).


Read on to find out what else differentiates these two shakes and which is best for you:

Arbonne Essentials Shakes come in Vanilla or Chocolate.


Tasty or Terrible?!


First, let’s talk about taste! 310 Shakes by 310 Nutrition come in a variety of both standard and intriguing flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel and Mocha. The company offers set flavors which are available all year long with seasonal flavors that they only release for short time periods (like Toasted Coconut, Gingerbread and Mint Chocolate), that give users variety, and allow them to try different recipes and experiment with different tastes.


According to dozens of 310 Shake reviews, the drinks are creamy and delicious, with smooth textures and enjoyable consistencies. And they don’t have an aftertaste the way that many other diet shakes sometimes do (since they don’t contain artificial sweeteners). (1)


In contrast, Arbonne diet shakes are only available in two flavors year-round: Vanilla and Chocolate. Since there aren’t any other unique flavors, it may be hard for users not to get bored. Besides the lack of variety, however, Arbonne product reviews show that people generally really enjoy the taste of the shakes. (2)


Users describe them as smooth and creamy with a good texture. And many Arbonne reviews mention that the vanilla flavor is great to mix with other healthy ingredients such as different fruits, in order to mix up the flavor and create variety.



Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….




One serving, or scoop of 310 Shake is only 90 calories, making it one of the lowest-calorie weight loss shakes we’ve come across (that still contains an abundance of nutrients and high-quality ingredients). Ideally, you want a meal replacement shake to be around 100 calories or less, so 310 Shake is perfect.


This way, you can enjoy the shake with just water if you’re really trying to meet a stringent weight goal or add in other healthy ingredients to make a smoothie, while still keeping the calorie content low. In this way, this is a great healthy lifestyle shake that you can use daily, and still maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.


In contrast, Arbonne Shakes have 160 calories per serving, which isn’t horrible, but it also isn’t as low as it could be. Many diet shakes are still much higher in calories, so Arbonne Protein Shake would still be a good option for a lower calorie meal replacement.


Sugars / Artificial Sweeteners


Next up on the list is sugar. The last thing you want in a meal replacement shake is a lot of sugar! Sugar can literally make or break a shake since it’s obviously bad for your health and causes weight gain. (3)


Which is why 310 Shakes don’t contain sugar! Instead, they’re sweetened with natural sugar alternatives, including Stevia. They also don’t have any artificial sweeteners, since it’s been shown that these lab-concocted sugars are even sweeter than regular table sugar. They therefore mess with your body’s satiety signals and contribute to weight gain.


In contrast, Arbonne Vanilla Shake has 9g of added sugars (equaling 18% of your daily value). In our opinions, this is absolutely too much for a healthy weight loss shake! Sugar is extremely addictive and the best way to stay true to a clean, healthy diet is to majorly limit it or cut it out completely. Whenever you eat sugar, your body will crave more of it, and the endless cycle continues.


Not to mention that eating too much sugar can lead to leptin resistance in your body. Leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger and tells your brain you are full, but when you’re leptin resistant, your brain doesn’t get the message and you end up eating more calories, which can lead to weight gain. (4)


The sugar in the Arbonne Shakes is organic cane sugar, so at least it’s a natural source, but it’s also the second ingredient listed right after the protein blend in the shake! This means it’s extremely prominent in the formula.


In order to make the shake taste good, it would be better to use natural sugar alternatives – especially in a beverage you’ll be drinking every day, if not multiple times a day, and intended to be a healthy lifestyle shake. For weight loss purposes, sugar will also be counterproductive in the shake.

310 Shakes come in a variety of delicious flavors.  


Arbonne Shake Uses Non-GMO Maltodextrin


Arbonne Shakes also contain a highly-processed carbohydrate (or sugar) called maltodextrin. Commonly used as a preservative in foods, the thickener has been shown to cause side effects in some, due to its processed nature. Some people have reported gastrointestinal problems after eating foods that contain this additive, including gas, diarrhea and bloating.


In addition, maltodextrin can cause blood sugar spikes and could be particularly dangerous for diabetics. The reason for the spikes is that maltodextrin has a high glycemic index (even higher than table sugar), which can cause uncomfortable symptoms after consuming it, such as headaches, excessive thirst, blurred vision and fatigue.


One small positive is that the maltodextrin in the Arbonne Shakes is GMO-free, which at least makes it a little healthier. In general, genetically modified foods come with their own list of potential health problems, so it’s good that they at least went with a cleaner version of this additive.  





Next up on our list to discuss is protein. A shake needs to have the right amount and also the right kinds of protein in order for it to quality as a good meal replacement shake and nutritional beverage. Protein is essential in any healthy diet, giving you energy, assisting with muscle building, and helping you maintain a healthy weight.


Protein also makes you feel fuller after eating it than carbs or even fats do – for a lower calorie amount. It satisfies you and helps you keep your daily calorie count low.


Starting with 310, each shake has 15g of protein per serving, which is a great amount for a meal replacement shake. Shakes with less than this amount per serving most likely won’t keep you satisfied until your next meal and won’t boost your metabolism enough to help your body burn fat and calories.


The protein that 310 uses is a proprietary blend of pea, brown rice and hemp proteins. The company states that their unique blend gives the optimal levels of each protein for increased absorption and the most benefits. Each of these plant-based proteins offers a variety of health and weight loss benefits.


Starting with pea protein, it’s a complete protein, since it has all the essential amino acids your body needs. Due to this, it’s great for building muscle and enhancing weight loss. Pea protein also promotes fullness and satiety, helping to suppress appetite. (5)


Next, hemp protein contains an abundance of fiber which helps streamline digestive health and balance blood sugar levels. It’s also high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy weight.


Brown rice is also loaded with fiber, and is very nutrient-dense, containing an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals. This protein powder can also help improve your performance after exercise, just like whey protein does.


Next, Arbonne Protein Shakes have 20g of protein per serving, which is great. The amount to aim for in a meal replacement shake is around 15-20g of protein per serving and this falls in line with that. As for the type of protein in Arbonne Shakes, they use a blend of pea protein isolate, cranberry protein and rice protein.


We like that they chose plant-based proteins pea and rice, and cranberry is a more unique, but also great option. Although it has less protein per serving (about 25% versus whey with 80% and hemp with 50%), the pea and rice proteins balance it out. What cranberry protein does have is all 22 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids – which is great for rebuilding muscle after workouts.


Cranberry protein also has omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids and is high in fiber and rich in flavonoids, making it a healthy choice. (6)


 Arbonne Shakes are high in sugar but don’t contain artificial sweeteners.


Fiber / Shake Satisfaction


Ok, let’s talk about fiber! Just like the protein, having enough dietary fiber in a diet shake is one of the most important aspects, as it forms the bulk of the shake. It also helps keep your digestive processes running smoothly, ensures your body adequately removes toxins, and helps you stay full and satisfied until your next meal.


Starting with the 310 Shakes, there is 5g of fiber per serving, which is a great amount. Anything less than this won’t give your body what it needs to be a satisfying weight loss shake; and it won’t keep you from reaching for unhealthy foods in between meals.


Arbonne Shakes, on the other hand, have only 2g of dietary fiber per serving. Though these shakes are meant to be stand-alone meal replacement shakes, they are greatly lacking in fiber and therefore most likely won’t keep users full.  


Arbonne also sells a product called a “Daily Fiber Boost” which provides 12g of fiber and can be added to your daily shake. However, the boost comes at another cost ($39.00 for 30 servings), which seems unnecessary. You shouldn’t need to buy an additional product to get enough fiber in your shakes!




Discussing the carb content in your weight loss shakes is much like discussing the sugar content. You want to keep the amount as low as possible, especially for those on low-carb diets.  


Shakes with a high carb count will have a higher number of calories overall. Though some carbs are needed to help fuel your body and give you energy, you can also get a boost and plenty of fiber from the plant-based proteins in the shake.


310 Shakes have 6g of carbohydrates per 1 scoop serving, which is a nice low amount. In contrast, Arbonne Shakes have 14g of carbs per serving, almost double the amount in 310 Shakes.


Vitamins / Minerals / Superfoods


Next, let’s talk about nutrients. The best protein shakes will have a nice, balanced variety of vitamins, minerals and even added superfoods in their shakes – to take the place of a wholesome meal. Shakes that don’t include these things will not provide you with all of the nutrients you need each day for your body to look and feel its best.


310 Shakes contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D and B12 and minerals magnesium, calcium and copper. In addition, the shakes contain a superfood greens blend with organic nutrient-packed veggies like spinach, kale and broccoli.


The nice thing about a blend such as this is that it also includes superfoods that you don’t see on store shelves, but that pack in a ton of nutrients and give your body antioxidants and immune-boosting powers. Some of these super-ingredients include spirulina, cracked cell chlorella and barley grass powder.


Moving onto Arbonne weight loss shakes, they also have a good mix of vital vitamins and minerals (23 total), including many of the same as 310 Shakes. They also include a blend called the “Inner-G Plex®” which includes Coenzyme Q10, alfalfa leaf powder, kelp powder, and ginseng root powder. So, although there are some superfoods and extra nutrients in the Arbonne Shakes, it doesn’t match the full superfood blend in the 310 Shakes.


Plus, 310 Shakes also have one more thing they don’t…


310 Nutrition Shakes contain optimal fiber and are low in carbs.


310 Shakes Contain Gut-Healthy Probiotics


Each 310 Shake also contains an added bonus ingredient that many other diet shakes don’t… probiotics. Your gut requires probiotics, or good, healthy bacteria, in order to keep your digestive system running smoothly and boost your immune and overall health.


310 Shakes contain 1 billion CFU of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a probiotic strain that helps you absorb nutrients and research shows may help with weight loss. Probiotics can also help reduce inflammation in your body, making it easier to stay in good health and maintain a healthy weight.


Multi-level Marketing Company (MLM) vs. Non-MLM


Another major difference between 310 Nutrition and Arbonne Essentials is the way the companies are run. Arbonne is a multi-level marketing company, or MLM, meaning that you can only buy Arbonne products through a local distributor. In contrast, 310 Nutrition is an e-commerce company, therefore you can easily get their shakes and other health products online.


What are the pros and cons of an MLM? The difference in these two types of business models is that with Arbonne, you won’t have the freedom to simply buy whatever you want when you want it. Once you get started with a consultant, they are the point person you’ll go to for products.


On the plus side, the consultant can help you determine the right products for you. But on the down side, there may be more pressure to buy or to purchase more than you originally intended.


In addition, when you purchase from a company with an MLM sales model, one of the main goals of the company is to get more and more people to sell their products. So, although you may have started out just interested in buying the product, you may find there is also pressure to start selling the product yourself.


310 Nutrition isn’t an MLM, and they have a Customer Service team that is available 24/7 by phone, email or live chat. This is great because you get that personalized, individual attention without the pressure of an MLM company.


Price of 310 Shakes vs. Arbonne Shakes


Ok, let’s talk about the price. A 30-serving bag of Arbonne Protein Powder is $77.00 ($2.56 per serving). In contrast, a 28-serving bag of 310 Shake Powder is $68.00 ($2.43 a serving).


Considering that both of these shakes contain high-quality, nourishing ingredients, these are great prices for both of them – one slightly higher than the other. If you’re considering these types of shakes for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle, remember that they’re designed to be meal replacements – therefore you’re actually saving money by making these your meals (lower grocery bills).


In this way, these shakes actually save you money. When it comes to one or the other, 310 is a little less expensive and also healthier, but Arbonne isn’t far behind.


Community and Support to Succeed


In terms of support to succeed, 310 Nutrition offers a number of social communities, so you can connect with other users and health professionals. In their 310 Facebook Community, there are nutritionists available to answer your questions and get you started on the perfect path for you.


310 also offers a fitness community on Facebook called the 310 Gym, which offers live workout classes, step-by-step workout videos, support from professional trainers and more.


Since Arbonne Essentials is an MLM, your support will come in the form of an individual consultant. They may have a personal Facebook page that you can join and help field questions on products. They may even let you try certain products before you buy them.


This can be helpful, but at the end of the day, the consultant is most likely not certified in the health field – only in the company. And you may need some more motivation, such as the challenges in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community, to get you moving towards your goals.


Final Verdict: Which Shake Is Best?


Though both 310 and Arbonne Shakes are marketed as healthy lifestyle shakes, the labels show that 310 Shakes contain the healthier mix of ingredients. The meal replacement shakes have no sugar, only 90 calories per serving, 15g of protein, 5g of fiber and 6g of carbs.


In contrast, Arbonne Shakes have 9g of sugar, 160 calories, 2g of dietary fiber and 14g of carbs. In addition, Arbonne Protein Shakes also include maltodextrin, an additive that may cause digestive upset and blood sugar spikes.


Both of the shakes include a variety of vitamins and minerals and don’t contain artificial sweeteners; but 310 Shakes go the extra mile with a superfood greens blend and probiotics. So, based on ingredients then, it’s safe to say that 310 Shakes are healthier.


Plus, 310 Shake reviews show that users love the taste of the shakes, along with the fact that the company is not an MLM. Take the leap and try this healthy lifestyle shake today!


Shop for 310 Shakes along with other 310 healthy weight management products now! 


Plus, join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and get plugged into success!




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Arbonne® is registered trademark of Arbonne International.

†Nutrition information taken from,1476,274.aspx. Price per serving calculated from a package price of $76.00 for Vanilla Protein Shake Mix with 30 servings per package. Accessed 5/19/17.

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