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Isagenix® Vanilla

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Contains fructose.


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Doesn't contain fructose.


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Showdown: 310 Shakes vs. Isagenix Shakes


Chances are, you’ve heard of both 310 Shakes and Isagenix Shakes – both popular brand names in the meal replacement market. But the truth is that these companies couldn’t be further apart in their product lines.


310 Shake by 310 Nutrition is a healthy lifestyle shake meant to promote healthy living for the long-term as well as weight loss and weight management.


Isagenix also promotes their Isagenix IsaLean Shake as a healthy lifestyle solution – but they’re a multi-level marketing company (MLM) which means your experience will be much different in how you get your shakes and reach your goals.


The Isagenix Shakes also are high in sugar and calories and contain some potentially questionable ingredients, one being fructose.


Read on to learn more about these two shake brands and how their products differ so you can discover which is best for you… 



Tasty or Terrible?!


Both 310 Shakes and IsaLean Shakes come in a variety of flavors and types. Most of the 310 Shakes are plant-based and come in the flavors Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, Mocha and Salted Caramel. Some of these are “private reserve” limited edition flavors that they switch out every so often with brand new ones. They also have a Vanilla whey-based shake for those that prefer whey.


Isagenix IsaLean Shakes come in regular, dairy free, kosher and PRO types, with multiple flavor options for each. Some of the flavor selections include Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Chai.


When it comes to the taste of the 310 Shakes, they utilize a newer formula that uses advanced technologies to create superior tastes and textures. And even with the great taste, their diet shakes have NO sugar and utilize only healthier natural sweeteners.


310 Shake reviews showing how customers like the taste have been increasingly positive for both the new plant-based and whey shakes. Users have said that although many prefer to make their shakes into smoothies with other healthy ingredients added in, many others opt to just have their shakes with water and they still taste awesome! The shakes also have a good texture that is not too thick, but also not thin and watery, so it keeps users satisfied but is enjoyable to drink.


As for IsaLean Isagenix Shakes, many users said that they loved the taste, although for some it was too sweet, and for others the texture was too thick. Some others said that although they thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of Isagenix Shakes, they actually got stomach pains after drinking them – a side effect potentially stemming from some of the unnatural ingredients in the shakes.


310 Shakes contain healthy, natural plant-based ingredients.


Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….




When it comes to calories per shake serving, it’s quite a different story for each of these two shake brands.


Whereas each 310 Shake contains only 90 calories per shake serving (but still contains added vitamins, nutrients and superfoods), each IsaLean Shake has a whopping 240 calories per shake serving.


So why the major difference?


In our opinions, especially for weight loss, the less calories, the better. This is because on a daily basis, meal replacement shakes are a great way to help you keep track of your daily caloric intake, but if the calories are too high, it defeats the purpose.


Many 310 Shake users expressed that even with the low amount of calories, the shakes were still very filling and kept them full for 3-4 hours. Plus, they were able to add a variety of healthy ingredients into their shakes without worrying about the calorie content of each item.  


Most meal replacement shake programs for weight loss involve replacing two regular meals with shakes per day, and in this case it would be 180 calories for two 310 Shakes and 480 calories for two Isagenix IsaLean Shakes!




Moving onto the sugar content in each shake… Sugar is a big deal when it comes to weight loss in general, because it can make or break a weight loss and overall health plan.


Sugar is not something that you want in your clean, healthy lifestyle, a point that 310 drives home by having absolutely no sugar in their shakes. Instead, the shakes contain plant-based Stevia and use advanced technologies during manufacturing to create thick, creamy, tasty shakes without the added sweeteners.


On the other hand, the IsaLean Isagenix Shakes contain 11g of sugar per shake serving. That means that with only two shakes per day, you are already having 22g of sugar. And that is before the sugar that will be in any other ingredients you add into the shakes… along with sugar in your snacks or third, regular meal.


The other potential issue is the type of sugar that Isagenix has in their shakes… fructose. There are different types of sugar and fructose is one that has been found to be particularly harmful when it comes to not only weight loss but also for overall health.


Fructose actually comes from fruits, but when you digest it while eating fruit, it’s not a problem because of the fiber. The problem comes when it is extracted from fruit for use in other products… in this way, without the fiber, the liver has to take on the bulk of digesting it, which in excess can lead to potential liver problems and other health issues.


Too much fructose in your diet can also lead to insulin resistance, a state in which your blood sugar increases, and can make you susceptible to weight gain and obesity as well as type 2 diabetes.


In general, sugar is simply not an ingredient you want in your healthy diet! Sugar is addictive, and it also tricks the brain into thinking it’s hungry when it’s not, causing you to eat more food than you would have otherwise.


A Note About Maltodextrin…


Speaking of sugars, it can appear in many forms on product labels, and it’s helpful to know what ingredient names to try to avoid. One of those ingredients is maltodextrin.


Commonly used as a thickener or food preservative in many foods, it has no nutritional value and is a carbohydrate, or sweetener. Due to this, it can increase your blood sugar in the same way that sugar and refined carbs do. In fact, it can even cause higher blood sugar spikes than regular sugar, so it should absolutely be avoided if you are trying to lose weight, or if you are insulin resistant or have diabetes.


310 Shake does not contain this highly processed ingredient; however, IsaLean Isagenix Shake does contain maltodextrin, which may add to the flavor but takes away from the overall health factor of this shake.


The IsaLean Isagenix Shake contains a high amount of sugar in each shake serving.




So, what about protein?


This ingredient is probably the single most important in all meal replacement shakes, that either makes or breaks the shake.


The real measure of a great weight loss shake is how good the source of protein is in the shakes and also the amount of protein, to ensure that it’s the right amount for overall health, energy, satisfaction and weight loss.


Starting with 310 Shakes, each plant-based shake contains a “Tri-Plex” blend of three proven plant-based proteins: pea, brown rice and hemp. All of these proteins have been shown in their own ways to assist in the weight loss process, but they are also amazing for your health.


310 also has a whey-based protein shake with a Tri-Plex blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein, which contain necessary amino acids for muscle-building and weight loss.


310 Shakes contain 15g of protein per shake serving, an ideal amount for overall health and weight loss. Having this amount of protein in a meal works to increase your body’s metabolism, boost energy, keep you full and satisfied and burn fat.


Moving on to the Isagenix Shakes, the protein in their regular shake is a mix of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and low-heat nonfat dry milk. These are good protein options, though the addition of whey protein isolate would help add more natural nutrients.


The Isagenix dairy free shake option comes with a brown rice protein concentrate and pea protein isolate.


As for the amount of protein in each IsaLean Shake, there is 24g of protein per shake serving. Whereas having a lot of protein is better than not having enough per shake, 24g also may be unnecessarily high for a meal replacement shake, and better suited for a muscle-building shake. Either way, it will still help with the weight loss process by energizing and helping to tone the body, along with providing satiety.




Another extremely important ingredient in weight loss shakes is fiber. Having enough fiber is essential in order to help flush unwanted toxins out of the body, provide the bulk of the shake that will fill you up and keep you full, and ensure digestive processes are working optimally for weight loss.


Fiber is not only an essential in healthy diets, there has to be a good amount of it in weight loss shakes, since you’ll be replacing meals with the shakes twice a day. Otherwise, it would be tough to get enough of the fiber that you need.


310 Shakes provide a great amount of fiber at 5g per shake serving, and Isagenix Shakes also provide a great amount at 8g of fiber per shake serving.


Shakes that don’t have enough fiber will not keep a user full for long and will leave you wanting and craving other foods in between meals.


Both 310 Shake and Isalean Isagenix Shake contain a great amount of fiber per shake serving.




Just like with calories and sugar, you want to try to have as low of an amount of carbs in each shake as possible, especially if you are watching your carbohydrate intake.


Though you need carbs to give you energy, you can get them from various fruits and vegetables that you are putting into your shake… you don’t need to get them from your diet shake powder.


In fact, when a diet shake has a lot of carbs, it will boost up the calorie count. Plus, people that have a lot of weight to lose may wish to cut down their carb intake to help speed up their weight loss, and in this case they can get their energy from protein and fats.


The 310 Shake contains only 7g of carbs per shake serving, giving enough for an energy boost but not too much to be worrisome, whereas there are 24g of carbs in each IsaLean Shake – another thing that makes this shake potentially unappealing to some.


Vitamins/Added Superfoods


Many good diet shakes will also include added ingredients into each shake serving to help nourish and enrich the body, since the shakes will literally be serving as meals throughout the day.


Let’s see where each shake brand, Isagenix and 310 Nutrition, fall in this category…


Isagenix Shakes contain 23 vitamins and minerals per shake serving, including vitamins A, C, D and E and minerals magnesium, zinc and calcium.


It’s great that Isagenix includes these vitamins in their shakes to ensure users get enough of these vital nutrients throughout their day.


In addition, IsaLean shakes contain an enzyme blend for added digestive help and probiotics for gut health and overall immune and digestive health, making this a well-balanced shake.


310 Shakes also contain an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals with 20 of them in each shake serving, including vitamins A, C, D, B6 and B12 and minerals iron, calcium and magnesium. In addition, they contain probiotics for gut health (an ingredient that IsaLean shakes also contain but many other weight loss shakes do not), along with an organic greens blend.


The organic greens blend in 310 Shakes contains powerhouse superfoods including organic broccoli, organic kale, organic spinach, beet juice and pomegranate extract.


The addition of the superfood blend in 310 Shakes takes this shake to another level of health and nutrition, supplying a variety of powerful superfoods for antioxidant support and to keep immune levels at their height.


Each 310 Shake contains a superfood blend including organic broccoli, spinach and kale.

Price & Multi-level Marketing Company (MLM) vs. Non-MLM


Starting with 310 Shake, it comes in at a good overall price of $68 for a 28-serving package. That comes out to $2.43 per shake serving, a quite economical figure.


In contrast, a container of Isagenix Shake is $53.27 for only 14 servings (since a recommended serving is 2 scoops). That means that you will have to keep ordering pretty often! That brings you to about $3.80 per shake serving, but it also means that you are going to need to order twice a month, which isn’t convenient.


Now the above IsaLean Shake pricing is for retail pricing, and to purchase that way you can order right on the Isagenix website.


You can also get the shakes cheaper (since they are so expensive) through wholesale pricing by going through an “Independent Isagenix Associate”. This is because Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company with a pyramid format, making things a bit more complicated.


While some people don’t mind getting products from an MLM company and doing business through a distributor, it is not always the most convenient or preferred option, as it can seem like you are paying much more for products and there is always pressure to buy.  


In contrast, 310 is not an MLM (as many meal replacement shake companies these days are), but you can choose to order through a friendly customer service representative if you’d like help with your order.


Community and Support to Succeed


Almost as important as the individual products is the support and resources given by each company to its users. Most people seeking to lose weight and become healthier need a lot of direction and help in order to reach their goals.


Both 310 Nutrition and Isagenix have multiple social media pages to help followers connect and gain knowledge about their products, including how to best use the shakes. 310 Shake recipes and Isagenix shake recipes can be found on these social media pages along with other tips and tricks on how to succeed.


Some of the social media sites that both Isagenix and 310 hold pages for users on include Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


On Facebook, 310 has an official 310 Community of followers that is a closed group with over 200,000 members! According to 310 Shake Reviews, community members have access to nutritionists that can help them set personal goals and get the most out of a program using 310 Shakes and other 310 products.


Whereas Isagenix does not have a comparable official community page on Facebook, there are many branch-off Isagenix Facebook pages where users can find resources about recipes and products. There are also Isagenix Challenges to help motivate users to stay on track and users are encouraged to find out more about them through their personal representatives.


Final Verdict: Which Shake Works Best?


When looking at user reviews for both 310 Shake and Isagenix Shake, it seems that both of these options have helped people lose weight. Of course, everyone has their preferences, but there were more accounts of people not liking the taste of the Isagenix Shakes, not liking the MLM purchasing model, or saying that the shakes did not keep them full.


However, I think it’s safe to say that if you can get past the speed bumps, Isagenix Shakes also work for weight loss and many people enjoyed the taste of these shakes. Plus, these shakes contain a great amount of protein and fiber, along with necessary vitamins and minerals.


The real difference comes in with the quality of the shakes and the difference in the ingredients between the 310 Shakes and the Isagenix Shakes.


Isagenix IsaLean Shakes have a lot of sugar and calories per serving, so they aren’t the best option for a long-term healthy lifestyle shake, plus they contain fructose. In contrast, 310 Shakes have all-natural ingredients and don’t contain sugar or fructose, so they can be used to help you lose weight and maintain it even after you reach your weight loss goal.


In the end it’s a personal preference, but when it comes to putting your health first, 310 Shakes shine with their stellar ingredients including high-quality plant-based proteins, organic superfoods, probiotics and more. Try this healthy lifestyle shake today!


Shop for 310 Shakes along with other 310 health and weight loss products now! 


Plus, join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and get plugged into success!


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