Slimfast® vs. 310 Shake

Slimfast® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Contains artificial flavors.


Dietary Fiber



310® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Doesn't contain artifical flavors.


Dietary Fiber



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Showdown: 310 Shakes vs. SlimFast Shakes


When comparing 310 Shakes and SlimFast Shakes, there are quite a few notable differences, beginning with the way these diet shakes are marketed.


If you’re seeking a healthy lifestyle shake you can drink multiple times a day, for as long as you desire, 310 Shake may be your perfect match.


If you’re looking for a great-tasting (think milkshake) drink that may help you lose a few pounds – but is high in sugar and contains artificial sweeteners – you may want to try SlimFast.


Let’s dig in more and see where these shake brands go right and potentially wrong…

 SlimFast diet shakes taste great but are high in sugar and contain artificial sweeteners.


Tasty or Terrible?!


310 Shakes First…


While you’re trying to slim down and fit into the “dream outfits” you have hanging in your closet, you can’t just starve yourself to get there. You need something filling that also tastes good, so that you’ll stick with your weight loss program.


310 Shakes come in mouth-watering flavors like Decadent Chocolate, Silly Smooth Vanilla, Blissful Salted Caramel, Refreshing Chocolate Mint and Versatile Unflavored.


310 Shake reviews show that people genuinely really enjoy the taste of these shakes (with very few negative reviews found). Some of the highlights include that the shakes have rich, creamy consistency and don’t leave an aftertaste. They also aren’t overly sweet like a lot of other shakes. (1)


A lot of the reviews used words such as “yummy” and “delicious”, and one reviewer even mentioned that the Vanilla flavor “tastes like cake”!


SlimFast Shakes Next…


SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Shake mixes come in four flavors: Creamy Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Rich Chocolate Royale and Strawberries & Cream.


Users seemed to be equally as thrilled (if not a bit more thrilled) with the taste of SlimFast Shakes, which they compared to “melted ice cream”. SlimFast recommends you mix their shake powder with milk, so this explains the creamy, treat-like taste. (2)


Many users in SlimFast reviews said they also liked to mix a fruit (like banana) along with some ice cubes into their shake, with one saying it helped to “tone down the sweetness”.


Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….




Starting with 310 Shake, each shake serving is only 110 calories. This is great if you have a large weight loss goal, especially since 310 Shake reviews showed that the shakes taste good and totally satisfying, even at this low-calorie number.


At only 110 calories per shake serving, you have a lot of freedom with these shakes. If you’re drinking them for weight management or simply as part of a healthy lifestyle, you have the flexibility to add other healthy ingredients to make a healthy smoothie.


Nutritious, healthy fats such as avocados, peanut butter, coconut or MCT oil make great additions if you’re on a keto or low carb diet. If you’re trying to boost your intake of healthy fruits and veggies, this is also a great place to add in some fresh additions for a quick way to get them on-the-go.


Next, how many calories in a SlimFast Shake? SlimFast Shakes are meant to be used as part of the SlimFast diet (including other SlimFast meals and snacks), and they are also low in calories (110 calories per serving) when you mix the shake powder with just water. However, SlimFast recommends you have their shake with 8 fl. oz of fat free milk, which boosts the calorie count up to 200 calories per serving.


This isn’t horrible, especially when we’re talking an entire meal, but the calorie-count can add up fast when you start adding in other ingredients. So, you’ll want to keep things simpler with some low-calorie veggies or one low-calorie fruit and some ice.



Sugars / Artificial Sweeteners


Next, sugar content. For obvious health and weight management reasons, you want your shake to be low in sugar. This ingredient is very addictive and once you eat it, you will continue to crave more.


310 Shakes nail it in this realm. The shakes have no sugar (which is pretty rare in the meal replacement shake industry) and is also impressive considering there are no artificial sweeteners or flavorings either. Instead, the shakes are sweetened with natural sugar alternatives of Stevia and monk fruit.


Although some people dislike Stevia because they believe it leaves an aftertaste, there was no mention of that when looking at 310 Shake reviews on the taste of the shakes.  


Moving onto SlimFast, it’s now obvious why SlimFast reviews compared the taste of this shake to ice cream – there are 11g of sugar in one serving of this shake mix, and 24g when you add in the 8 oz. of milk! That’s definitely a concern.


Not to mention that the very first ingredient on the shake label is sugar. If you aren’t familiar with the way product labels work, this basically means it’s the most prominent ingredient in the product formula. And as if that weren’t enough sweetness, there is ALSO two artificial sweeteners: acesulfame potassium and aspartame.


The problem with artificial sweeteners is that these “fake”, chemically-based sugars are way, WAY sweeter than regular sugar. So, they can mess with your body’s hormones and satiety signals, telling your brain to eat more, and in return, taking in more calories. (3)


Studies are also showing that these fake sugars may be linked to potential health problems with long-term use (although more research is needed it’s worth noting nonetheless).


Controversial Ingredients


Just a quick glance at the label shows that SlimFast Shakes also contain a bunch of other ingredients you may want to think twice about before consuming every day…


Maltodextrin– This preservative that comes from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat may have side effects for some. It has a high glycemic index, so it can spike your blood sugar, and may be particularly dangerous for those with diabetes. (4)


Soy fiber– Soy in general is a controversial ingredient, due to the phytoestrogens it contains. These “estrogen-mimicking” compounds mean that it could (potentially) mess with hormones and lead to thyroid problems (though no human studies have been done). In addition, 90% of the soy produced in the US is genetically modified, and there’s much debate over the safety of GMO products. (5)


Carrageenan – This thickener comes from red seaweed, but some people find that it causes gastrointestinal problems stemming from inflammation, such as bloating, gas, stomach pains, diarrhea and cramping. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should remove this ingredient from your diet. (6)




Moving onto the protein in each shake, 310 meal replacement shakes have 15g of protein per serving from an exclusive, nutrient-rich Tri-Plex Protein Blend (™) of three proven proteins… brown rice, pea and pumpkin. These ingredients both nourish the body and provide metabolism-boosting, satiating ingredients that can help with weight loss. If you’re thinking why plant-based, studies show that these proteins are just as effective for weight management and muscle-toning as whey, while providing additional health benefits. (7)


The good news about plant-based proteins is that they’re usually also more digestible than whey-based ones. As for benefits within a meal replacement shake, pea is very satiating, while brown rice contains amino acids that help with muscle-building. And hemp Pumpkin contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health and reduce inflammation. (8)


Next, SlimFast Shakes have only 2g of protein per serving! This is incredibly surprising, since the cornerstones of meal replacement shakes are protein and fiber. Both are supposed to provide the bulk of the shake, giving satisfying nourishment and supporting internal processes.


Adding the milk to the SlimFast powder would give you 10g of protein, but that is still on the lower side of things. This definitely isn’t a high protein shake.


The source of protein in the formula is a milk protein concentrate, which is a mix of 20% whey and 80% casein. This contains a higher level of lactose so those with lactose intolerance will need to steer clear.

SlimFast shakes contain only 2g of milk protein concentrate per shake serving.


Fiber / Shake Satisfaction


Both 310 Shakes and SlimFast Shakes provide a good amount of fiber (310 with 5g and SlimFast with 4g). Fiber helps your body flush out toxins by keeping things regular. It also helps your digestion run smoothly, and it fills you up.


Therefore, it’s not surprising that 310 shake reviews and SlimFast reviews show that these drinks are both pretty filling and held people until their next snack or meal.


Vitamins / Minerals / Nutrients / Antioxidant-Rich Superfoods


Both shakes do fairly well in this category, though 310 Shakes do much better with immune-supporting superfoods. 310 Shakes have essential nutrients that you require in a healthy and balanced meal, and they also go over and above by including a blend packed with gut and immune supporting superfoods like organic spinach, beet root, turmeric and mushroom.


In addition, 310 Shakes include probiotics, which is great for gut health and additional digestive and immune boosting benefits.


SlimFast powder contains 24 vitamins and minerals, including a few extras that are rarely added such as Vitamin K and selenium. But they stop there… there are no extra superfoods or probiotics that would make this a long-term health shake.


Price of 310 Shakes vs. SlimFast Shakes


Starting with 310 Shakes, these are pretty much exactly what you would expect for high-quality meal replacement drinks with lots of nutrients, and perfectly balanced macronutrients like protein and fiber. They don’t skimp on ingredients and the shakes are good for you.


The shakes are $68.00 for 28 servings (or $2.43 per serving). Keeping in mind they’re supposed to replace meals, that’s a great price per meal.  


Moving onto SlimFast Shakes, these drinks are cheap, cheap, cheap! In fact, of all the shakes we’ve reviewed, this is one of the cheapest we’ve seen. Wondering where to buy SlimFast products? You can find these shakes on grocery store shelves or some online suppliers like Amazon or Jet. You cannot buy shakes directly from


On Amazon, you can find a 3-pack of the Vanilla Shake for $20.64. Each container has 14 servings, so that’s 42 servings if you use one scoop each. And that’s about 50 cents per serving! Now, keep in mind, sugar is the first ingredient, and there are also other controversial ingredients, but if you’re looking for cheap, this is it.



Final Summary


When taking a look at 310 vs. SlimFast shakes, these two are as different as black and white. 310 Shakes are all about the health factor, with no sugar, plant-based proteins and gluten, dairy and soy free. There are also no artificial sweeteners or other chemical-based ingredients.


In comparison, SlimFast Advanced Nutrition shakes have some troubling additions, such as sugar as the first ingredient, two artificial sweeteners and some controversial additives. The shakes are also low in protein but provide good fiber, vitamins and minerals.


310 Shake reviews and SlimFast reviews show that both shakes taste yummy, so it just depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a very cheap shake, SlimFast could work for you. But if you’re willing to spend more on quality ingredients, 310 Shakes have become increasingly popular and people seem to love them for a long-term healthy lifestyle product.


Ready for next steps? Read more 310 Shake comparisons below, shop for 310 healthy lifestyle products, or join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook now.  





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†Nutritional information from Accessed 5/19/17. Controversial Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, and Carrageenan.



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