Medifast® vs. 310 Shake

Medifast® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Contains fructose.


Dietary Fiber



310® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Doesn't contain fructose.


Dietary Fiber



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Showdown: 310 Shakes vs. Medifast Shakes


Exploring the difference between 310 Meal Replacement Shakes and Medifast Shakes? This article will help answer your burning questions such as which shake is better suited to help you reach your weight management goals?


We compare the product labels to uncover the ingredients that support both your short and long-term health while you’re trying to slim down. And we dig into vital aspects such as whether or not users enjoy the taste and textures of these beverages.


Though both shake companies aim to support optimal health and help you eat clean on a busy schedule with their products, they offer very different things. Read on to learn more…


Medifast Shakes are meal options in the Medifast Diet Plans.


Tasty or Terrible?!


When it comes to the taste of a weight loss shake, often it makes all the difference in your success. You want a shake that makes you feel like you’re enjoying real, nutritious food, while providing low sugar and calories.


310 Shakes Offer Great Taste…


Starting with 310 Shakes, there is no doubt people love the taste of our Shakes! According to 310 Shake Reviews, the rich and creamy texture along with the delicious variety of flavors makes these different from other diet Shakes on the market.The comments also mention how our Shakes keep them feeling full and satisfied for a good 3-4 hours after drinking them.(1)


The shake flavors include year-round staples of Decadent Chocolate, Silly Smooth Vanilla, Blissful Salted Caramel, Refreshing Chocolate Mint and Versatile Unflavored. They also occasionally offer seasonal flavors and limited editions.


Medifast Taste Reviews Mostly Favorable…


Medifast Shakes come in six different flavors including Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Mocha, Orange Cream, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. They’re meant to be used as part of the Medifast diet, as quick, healthy Medifast meals.


Though some users expressed that they didn’t like the taste of the shakes (which they also said had a grainy texture), others were impressed, saying they offered good flavor and mixed well with other ingredients in smoothies. (2)


However, a few users stated that the shake did not help them lose weight or enable them to see results, which may be due to the shake consistency being too thin.


Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….




310 Shakes Have Just 110 Calories Per Serving…


A good meal replacement shake should be low in calories, and 310 Shakes fulfill that need with only 110 calories per shake serving. This is one of the lowest calorie amounts we’ve seen in the diet shake market, which is great.


A low number of calories allows the user to make a variety of healthy smoothie recipes and add in other ingredients without worrying about raising the calorie-count too much.


In addition, if you have a large weight goal, drinking a shake with only 110 calories per serving (that’s still a nutritious, satisfying meal replacement), is a great way to reach and maintain your goals.


Medifast Shakes Have 110 Calories Per Serving…


Right on par with the 310 Shakes are Medifast Shakes, with just 110 calories per serving. This is also a nice, low calorie amount for a weight loss and healthy lifestyle shake.


Especially for people who are counting calories daily, having a meal replacement shake with a low number gives you a head start. And since you’ll be having diet shakes in place of two of your meals, you’ll only have to track the calories for your snacks and additional healthy meal.


Sugars / Artificial Sweeteners


310 Shakes Have No Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners…


310 Shakes are unique in the fact that they have NO sugar or artificial sweeteners.Instead we use a natural Stevia and with some flavors the addition of Monk Fruit, in addition to a special technology, to give the shakes their signature flavors. Customers say this fulfills their cravings for sweet without affecting their weight loss success with 310.


Stevia comes from the leaves of the Stevia plant and is a sweetener that has been shown in recent studies not to spike blood sugar levels, therefore is safe for diabetics. It’s also a healthier sugar substitute, having no calories while displaying great flavor. (3)


Medifast Shakes Have 7g of Sugar from Fructose/Artificial Sugars


Medifast Shakes are extremely different from 310 Shakes in this realm, containing 7g of sugar, which is a lot for a meal replacement shake. You want your shakes to be low in sugar since it’s highly addictive, gives the body empty calories (since it’s void of nutrients), and also can cause uncomfortable blood sugar crashes throughout the day.


Also potentially problematic is the type of sugar that they use… fructose (which is listed as the second ingredient on the product label, meaning that it’s extremely prominent in the formula).


Fructose comes from fruit, but when you consume it in its natural state, you don’t get enough of it in your system to be harmful - plus the natural fiber and water in the fruit helps your body break it down. (4)


The problem comes when the fructose is extracted to be used in processed goods. Once this type of fructose enters the body, only liver cells are able to break it down; therefore, consuming large amounts of fructose puts excessive stress on the liver that over time, studies show could potentially lead to certain serious health problems. (5)


Medifast Shakes also contain an artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium. In general, artificial (or chemically-derived) sugars are much, much sweeter than actual table sugar, and the extra sweetness doesn’t send the same satisfaction signals to the brain that regular sugar does. This may cause you to eat extra calories throughout the day in an effort to squash your cravings, potentially leading to weight gain.


In addition, it’s been shown that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut, making you more susceptible to imbalance and illness. And though it’s still controversial, some research shows links between the long-term use of artificial sweeteners and serious diseases. Though more research needs to be done, we think it’s best to stay away from or at least minimize the use of these lab-derived sugars. (6, 7)


Controversial Ingredients


Medifast Shakes Contain Carrageenan…


Medifast Shakes also contain a controversial additive called carrageenan. This thickener, which comes from red seaweed, is used in many different food items, including ice cream, non-dairy milks, chocolates and dairy products such as yogurt.


The ingredient was almost banned from organic foods in 2018, however the USDA denied the advice of its advisors by letting it keep its organic label; though research shows that it may cause negative side effects for some.


Animal studies show that this ingredient could cause potential digestive distress ranging from mild discomfort to full-blown gastrointestinal imbalance. The studies are supported by testimonials of people suffering from digestive issues and finding relief after removing carrageenan from their diets. (8)


Some of the side effects you could experience if you’re sensitive to carrageenan include:


  • Inflammation and related illness/disease
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Cramping

If you notice any uncomfortable symptoms after consuming a Medifast Shake, you should discontinue use of the shakes.




Protein is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle shake, with both the type and the amount being two of the most important factors in a well-rounded, beneficial product. Without the right kind and amount of protein, a meal replacement shake wouldn’t work to fill you up, boost metabolism and energy for weight loss, or enhance exercise performance.


310 Shakes Contain 15g of Tri-Plex Protein Blend (™)…


Starting with 310, the shakes contain 15g of plant-based protein per shake – which is a great amount for a diet shake. You want your shake to have around 15-20g of protein per serving in order to be effective.


As for the type of protein, 310 uses a special triple-ingredient blend of plant-based proteins created from pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein. We have an exclusive and specially-formulated blend which contains the optimal ratios of each ingredient to enhance absorption and results.


In general, plant-based proteins are a smart choice. They’re easy on the digestive system, and work for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike; In addition, recent research shows that they’re equally as effective as whey-based proteins for muscle-building and weight management. (9)


Plant-based proteins also provide additional health benefits, such as providing heart-healthy fatty acids and helping to maintain good cholesterol levels. (10)


Medifast Shakes Contain 14g of Soy Protein Isolate…


Medifast Shakes contain 14g of protein per serving, which isn’t awful, though more would be better. But the source of their protein comes from soy protein isolate – and soy is a controversial ingredient.


Some people consider soy a health food, since it’s a good source of many nutrients, and studies show that it may help improve cholesterol levels, reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol, and raising “good” HDL cholesterol. (11)


But there’s also a dark side of soy that is still being explored. One of the big potential problems with soy is that it is an endocrine disruptor, containing something called phytoestrogens – which are estrogen mimickers in your body.


Though more studies still need to be done, current research seems to support the fact that eating an excess of soy increases estrogen levels in your body, disrupting hormones and potentially leading to disease and disfunction. (12)


The other major problem is that 90 percent of the soy used today is genetically modified. GMO-foods come with their own slew of potential health problems, one of them being that they can destroy healthy bacteria in your gut – potentially leaving you vulnerable to disease, and disrupting digestive function. (13)


Organic soy is better than non-organic, but the type used in Medifast Shakes is not organic. If you decide to go with this shake brand (drinking them 1-2 times per day), you’ll be consuming a lot of soy; Since the ingredient is still so controversial, you may wish to discontinue the use of the shakes after you reach your weight goal.


Medifast Shakes contain soy protein isolate as the main source of protein.


Fiber / Shake Satisfaction


Next to protein, fiber is also a crucial element in meal replacement shakes. You want your shakes to have an abundance of healthy fiber to help keep you full, satisfy you between meals, regulate digestive function and support optimal bowel health.


310 Shakes Contain 5g of Fiber…


Each 310 Shake contains 5g of fiber, which is an ideal amount. A good aim for fiber in a protein shake is 5-10g per serving. You can tell if a shake has enough fiber because it will be thick and satisfying instead of displaying a watery, thin consistency.


310 Reviews continuously show that 310 Shakes have a thick, creamy consistency and kept users full for 3-4 hours after consumption. (14)


Medifast Shakes Contain 4g of Fiber…


Not too far behind are Medifast weight loss shakes with 4g of fiber per serving. Though this is slightly less than desired, it’s better than many other protein shakes that include little to no fiber.


However, Medifast reviews did show that some people thought the consistency of Medifast shakes was too thin, and didn’t keep them full or work effectively for weight loss. (2)


Nutrients/Antioxidant-Rich Superfoods


Another key element of the best meal replacement shakes is the inclusion of essential nutrients you would get from a normal, healthy meal.


When companies leave this out of their shakes, your forced to take matters into your own hands, devising a way to get those additional nutrients that you would normally get from fruits, vegetables and other wholesome foods.


Well-balanced meal replacement shakes contain a variety of important nutrients that fuel your body and mind and support overall health and vitality.


310 Shakes Contain Vitamin/Mineral Blend, Superfoods & Probiotics


Starting with 310 Shakes, we go the extra mile in this realm – a proprietary superfood blend hat supports your immune system and nurtures a healthy gut.


The superfood greens blend helps you take your nutrient intake to the next level with high-powered, antioxidant-filled superfoods like organic spinach, beet root, turmeric and mushroom.


Medifast Shakes Contain Vitamins and Minerals…


Medifast also understands the importance of adding extra nutrients into their shakes, as they include 24 different vitamins and minerals,


Unfortunately, they stop there, since there are no additional superfoods in their shakes. Although this doesn’t disqualify them as a healthy lifestyle shake, each meal replacement would definitely be healthier with additional superfood ingredients added.


Price of 310 Shakes vs. Medifast Shakes


One of the best parts about meal replacement shakes is that they’re extremely economical when you consider that they’re replacing actual meals. When evaluating the price of shakes, consider the cost that you would usually spend on a meal, and you’ll see that you come out on top.


310 Shakes are $2.43 Per Serving…


310 Shakes prove this point wonderfully by being $68.00 for a 28-serving bag (amounting to just $2.43 per shake serving or meal). If you make healthy smoothies, you just need to account for the extra ingredients you add in, which is still minimal compared to what you would spend if you ate out for that meal.


In addition, we offer a subscribe and save program where you save 25% if you join and order in regular intervals; and we have a deals page with various bundles so you can try multiple products and your favorites.


Medifast Shakes are $2.79 Per Serving…


Not far behind the price of 310 Shakes are Medifast Shakes, which come in a box with 7 servings for $19.50. For this product, you would probably want to buy a few boxes at once so you have enough to last you for an entire month, if you’ll be using them every day.



Final Summary


When it comes to the comparison of 310 Shakes vs. Medifast Shakes, the ingredients are key. Though both of these products are marketed as healthy lifestyle shakes that can help you both lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for the duration, the ingredient labels show that one may be healthier than the other.


For the most part, both shakes provide a healthy balance of nutrients, being low in calories, with sufficient protein and fiber – with 310 Shakes having a slightly better amount of each. But 310 Shakes also contain healthy plant-based proteins pea, brown rice and pumpkin, while Medifast Shakes contain controversial soy – a protein that some studies show may result in negative health effects.


In addition, Medifast Shakes are high in sugar with 7g per serving, coming from fructose – a sugar that can only be processed by the liver, and may cause potential adverse health effects. They also contain an artificial sweetener and carrageenan, more controversial ingredients that can disrupt the natural balance in your body and lead to potential health problems.


In contrast, 310 Shakes have no sugar, artificial sweeteners or other highly controversial ingredients in their shakes. They use naturally-derived ingredients. In addition, they contain an added superfoods blend – supporting increased health and vitality. Before you make a decision, be sure to check out more shake reviews on this site, so you’ll have all the facts and can pinpoint the product that may best meet your needs.


Ready for next steps? Read more 310 Shake comparisons, below, shop for 310 healthy living products, or join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook now.




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Medifast® is a registered trademark of Medifast.

†Nutritional information from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $19.50 for French Vanilla Shake with 7 servings per package. Accessed 5/22/17. Controversial Ingredients: Fructose, Acesulfame Potassium, and Carrageenan.



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