Ensure® vs. 310 Shake

Ensure® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Contains sucralose.


Dietary Fiber



310® Vanilla

1 Serving








Net Carbs



Doesn't contain sucralose.


Dietary Fiber



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Showdown: 310 Shakes vs. Ensure Shakes


Have you heard or read about 310 Shakes and Ensure Shakes and want to know which is best for you? We’re here to help you navigate your way through the important questions…


Do these shakes provide the nutrients you need to replace normal meals? If your goal is to lose weight, can they help you do that? What about if you want to gain weight? And when it comes to ingredients, do they provide the healthy additions your body requires? Read on to learn more…


Ensure Shakes are delicious per Ensure reviews but have a lot of sugar per serving.


Tasty or Terrible?!


Taste is extremely important when it comes to a diet shake, as you obviously won’t drink a bad-tasting product no matter how committed you are to your goals. While many shake brands offer an impressive profile of nutrients in their products.


310 Shakes Are Tasty, Rich & Creamy…


Starting with 310 Shakes, we offer vegan-friendly plant-based shakes come in a variety of crave-worthy flavors such as Decadent Chocolate, Silly Smooth Vanilla, Blissful Salted Caramel, and Versatile Unflavored.. While these flavors are staples, we also introduce seasonal flavors for a limited time like Pumpkin Spice for the 2020 Holidays.


When you think of a “vegan” shake, you’re probably hesitant about the taste, but surprisingly, 310 Shake reviews for all of our flavors were strikingly positive. People labeled the shake “delicious”, “easy to mix with a variety of other healthy ingredients”, and a "totally creamy, smooth texture."


One 310 Shake reviewer even said the Vanilla flavor shake is the best she’s ever had, and she usually doesn’t care for protein shakes! (1)


Ensure Drink Comes in Year-Round Exciting Flavors…


Moving onto Ensure Shakes, the Ensure Original Nutrition Shake is gluten-free and “suitable for lactose intolerance.” Ensure flavors include Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Coffee Latte and Banana Nut.


Ensure Shake Reviews for these products were also extremely positive, with people saying they rely on these drinks to get extra nutrients due to being advanced in age, sick, or simply having a busy schedule (such as those in demanding jobs and college students).


Many reviewers gave an extremely enthusiastic account of the taste, saying it was “really yummy”, along with being rich and creamy. It’s not surprising that these shakes taste great to most, as sugar is the third ingredient on the shake label! (2)


Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….




310 Shakes Have 110 Calories Per Serving…


Keeping in mind that everyone has different goals, let’s look at the calories for each shake, starting with 310 Shake. With 110 calories per shake serving, this meal replacement shake is perfect for those that are looking to slim down and maintain a healthy weight. It’s also a great healthy lifestyle shake for people with busy schedules who are finding it hard to find healthy choices on-the-go.


For those trying to lose weight, every calorie matters, which is why it’s great that this shake offers an extremely low number of calories. Many diet shakes do not offer this low number, and it can be harder to lose the needed weight. 310 Shake reviews show that people successfully have lost weight in a short amount of time (and for the long-term) by drinking these shakes 1-2 times per day. (3)


Ensure Shakes Have 220 Calories Per Serving…


Moving onto Ensure Shakes, there is definitely a big contrast with 310 Shakes. Ensure Original Shakes have 220 calories per serving, more than double the amount in 310 Shakes. But people drink Ensure Shakes for various reasons, and one of them is because they are losing too much weight, and either need to gain weight or stay at a stable weight.


Ensure Shake Reviews showed that there are also people who drink these shakes after having surgery, when they aren’t able to eat solid foods. In this case, the additional calorie count would also be better, since they will need to drink it for all their meals. (2)


If you aren’t trying to gain weight, and you just drink this shake as-is without adding in any other ingredients in smoothies, you can still use it for weight loss and weight maintenance… You may just wait a little longer for results.


In addition, if you need to gain weight with this product and find that it’s too low in calories, you can also add more calorie-heavy ingredients, such as nut butters and avocado with it into a blender, to buff up the calorie content more.

Sugars / Artificial Sweeteners


Moving onto the sugar content, this is a really important aspect when it comes to meal replacement shakes… a lot of companies “lean on” this ingredient, in order to make their nutritional shakes taste good.


But in the end, that can end up doing far more damage than good. Even a good nutritional shake that has too much sugar can cause you to pack on the pounds (when you aren’t intending it too) or throw off your otherwise-healthy diet.


310 Shakes Have No Sugar…


Starting with 310 Shakes, it’s amazing to find that these shakes actually have NO sugar. They are sweetened with natural sugar alternative, Stevia. And 310 Shake reviews showed that these sugar-free shakes actually taste awesome, while being healthy.


310 Shakes also don’t have artificial sugars or other chemically-based additives or flavors that many other shake companies use.


Ensure Ingredients Include 15 Grams of Sugar…


In contrast, Ensure nutrition drinks contain 15g of sugar per serving, which is an incredibly high amount. Sugar is very addictive and consuming it (whether you’re eating it in a dessert or drinking it in a shake!), will make you crave more of it. Sugar is also considered to be “empty calories” … or calories that don’t provide your body with any nutritional value.


Not only is sugar the third ingredient on the product label (meaning its very prominent in the shake) but the second ingredient is Corn Maltodextrin, a highly-processed carb-derived additive that can spike blood sugar and be potentially dangerous to diabetics. (4)


Ensure Shakes Contain Artificial Sweeteners


In addition, Ensure Shakes also contain artificial sweeteners, including Liquid Sucralose (Splenda) and Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K), which are much, much sweeter than regular sugar. Studies show that these fake sugars, in contrast to what many believe, may actually promote weight gain, since they don’t signal satisfaction in the brain the same way natural sweeteners do. (5)


In addition, the potential long-term health consequences of continued, on-going and regular use of artificial sweeteners as part of a daily diet are still unknown, with research showing that it could be problematic (6).


Controversial Ingredients


Ensure Shakes Contain Maltodextrin, Soy & Carrageenan


It’s worth noting that Ensure Shakes also contain some of these controversial ingredients, which we’ll go into in more detail…


Corn Maltodextrin – As mentioned above, this preservative that comes from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat could potentially cause unwanted side effects. The ingredient has a high glycemic index, so it can spike blood sugar, and diabetics should use it with caution. (7)


Soy Protein Isolate – Soy contains “estrogen-mimicking” compounds known as phytoestrogens, which research shows may be linked to negative health issues in people. In addition, most of the soy produced in the US is genetically modified, and GMO products could potentially lead to their own list of health problems. (8)


Carrageenan – Though this is a natural ingredient that comes from seaweed, it has been shown to cause digestive distress in some people, including inflammation, bloating, gas, stomach pains, diarrhea and cramping. (9)




A good amount of beneficial protein is needed in meal replacement shakes in order to supply the user with lasting energy, mental focus, and stamina for physical activity. In addition, for those who want to lose weight, sufficient protein boosts metabolism and helps fat-burning processes.


310 Shakes Have 15g of Plant-Based Protein…


310 Shakes have 15g of protein per serving. Being that this is a meal replacement, this is an ideal amount. You want your shake to have around 15-20g of protein per shake serving, which will help you reach your daily protein requirements for a healthy lifestyle.


A good goal to go by is about 46 grams per day (for the average non-active woman) and 56 grams per day (for the average non-active man), or more, depending on how active you are. (10)


As for the types of protein, 310 Shakes include a blend of Pea, and Brown Rice proteins, which provide a mix of essential amino acids needed to build healthy muscles, help boost metabolism, provide beneficial fatty acids and more - which all support health and weight loss..


Ensure Shakes Have 9g of Soy-Based Protein…


In contrast, Ensure Shakes only have 9g of protein per serving, or 18% daily value. We aren’t sure why they include such a low amount, as a higher amount would be much better for muscle-building and all-around daily function.


The Ensure protein source for these shakes is soy, which is a controversial protein that we discussed earlier in this review. The soy protein isolate powder used in the shakes comes from soybean flakes, and is high in protein, while containing very little fat and no cholesterol. However, it may contain phytates, which decrease mineral absorption, potentially making it less nutritious. (11)


If you still want to try Ensure Original Shakes, we suggest you have a high-protein snack along with it, to boost your protein intake (or you could also try Ensure high protein shakes instead).


 Ensure Shakes are low in essential macronutrients with only 9g of protein and less than 1g of fiber.

Fiber / Shake Satisfaction


Like protein, fiber is an essential element of any meal replacement shake, creating the bulk of the shake, filling up the user, and ensuring digestive success.


310 Shakes Contain 5g of Fiber


310 Shakes contain 5g of fiber per shake serving which is a great amount. For optimal success, you want a shake to have 5-10g of fiber per serving, to support regular bowel movements and toxin removal. Plus, these shakes are replacing meals, and fiber is a cornerstone ingredient of a healthy meal.


Ensure Shakes Contain Less Than 1g of Fiber


It’s quite confusing then as to why Ensure Shakes contain less than 1g of fiber per shake serving. There are 32 grams of carbs, and 15g of sugar, yet no fiber. This shows that the carb sources aren’t fiber-rich, and therefore aren’t providing your body with those benefits.


We highly suggest that if you drink Ensure Shakes to replace meals, you have a high-quality source of fiber along with it.


Nutrients/Antioxidant-Rich Superfoods


When you’re talking about replacing a meal, you also have to replace the nutrients that you would normally get from a healthy meal. Both 310 Shake and Ensure Shake do great in this realm.


310 Shakes Contain Nutrients and powerful Superfoods


310 Shakes have essential nutrients that you require in a healthy and balanced meal, and they also go over and above by including a blend packed with gut and immune supporting superfoods like organic spinach, beet root, turmeric and mushroom.


Ensure Shakes contain Vitamins & Minerals


Though Ensure Shakes keep it simpler, not providing any additional superfoods, they do have vitamins and minerals per shake serving – a decent amount for those looking to boost their vitamin intake with them.


Price of 310 Shakes vs. SlimFast Shakes


310 Shakes are $2.43 Per Serving


Starting first with 310 Shakes, we have made a commitment to keep our Shakes at the highest quality level while maintaining a reasonable price of $68.00 per shake serving (less if you put them on Subscribe & Save). This comes to about $2.43 per shake serving, definitely reasonable for the price of a meal. You can buy 310 Shakes on the 310 Nutrition website at 310Nutrition.com.


Ensure Shakes are $1.98 Per Serving


In contrast, Ensure Shakes can’t be purchased from the Ensure website… Instead you can find them at local stores such as Walmart, Target or Walgreens, or online at Amazon or Jet.


Amazon sells a 16-pack of the shakes for $31.72 – making them about $1.98 per serving, and a cheap price in the shake realm. The shakes are also individually packaged which are convenient for on-the-go.



Final Summary


When it comes down to 310 Shake versus Ensure Shake, it’s going to depend on your ultimate goals… Whether that be to lose weight, gain weight, or simply have a healthy meal replacement shake for on-the-go.


310 is ideal for slimming down and maintaining a healthy weight, with optimal calories, protein, fiber, and superfoods. It’s also an excellent healthy lifestyle shake, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. And 310 Shake Reviews show that users love how these rich, creamy shakes taste.


In comparison, Ensure Shakes are marketed as a “healthy shake”, yet we found a few troubling ingredients on the label. The big one is the high amount of sugar in each serving (15g). The shake also contains maltodextrin and artificial sweeteners. So, the question becomes, is Ensure good for you?


If gaining weight and getting more nutrients is your goal, Ensure Shakes could work with their 220 calories per serving and 25 vitamins and minerals – but the high sugar content, and low protein and fiber is still a concern. 


Check out additional shake comparisons on our site if you’d like further info on other brands in the market and how they might benefit you.


Ready for next steps? Read more 310 Shake comparisons below, shop for healthy 310 lifestyle products or join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook now.



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†Nutritional information from https://ensure.com/nutrition-products/ensure-original/vanilla-shake. Accessed 5/22/17. Maltodextrin, Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, and Carrageenan.




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