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310 Shakes vs. Orgain Shakes


Both 310 Meal Replacement Shakes and Orgain Shakes feature plant-based proteins and clean, organic, nourishing ingredients – making them great options for healthy lifestyle shakes. 

Let's take a look at the rest of the ingredients. How do they match up? Plus, which shake tastes better?


This review will look at the nutritional labels of both shakes to do a thorough comparison – so you can see which one is best for you. Which of these shakes will help you conquer your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term? Read on to find out….


Orgain Shakes feature plant-based proteins and all-organic ingredients.


First Things First: All-Organic Ingredients


Orgain and 310 pride themselves on the use of all-organic ingredients in their products.


So how important is all organic when it comes to your nutrition?(1) There is mounting evidence that shows some potential health benefits of organic foods when compared with conventionally grown foods. Some of the differences cited are in the way of an increase in beneficial nutrient content, lower detectable levels of pesticide residue and GMO free.(1)




Although organic food may present a slightly higher price than conventional, both companies have demonstrated to their customers that organic ingredients support the ultimate goals of optimal health, wellness and weight loss.



Tasty or Terrible?!


Starting with 310 Shakes, user reviews show overwhelmingly that our customers love the taste of our shakes. The comments we see over and over are in regard to the rich and creamy without being overly sweet. People love to add our shake powders into smoothies or mix them with water or another healthy beverage in a Shaker Cup to take on-the-go.


One of the things that makes 310 Shakes so exciting is the range of mouth-watering flavors available including Decadent Chocolate, Silly Smooth Vanilla, Blissful Salted Caramel, Refreshing Chocolate Mint and Versatile Unflavored there are also seasonal, limited-time-only flavors that are released for a short time like Pumpkin Spice. (3)


One of the benefits of having such a wide variety of flavors is that you can experiment with different yummy shake recipes so your tastebuds will never get bored! And 310 Nutrition also offers additional healthy recipes using 310 Shake powder on our site, including healthy brownies, pancakes and more.


Moving onto Orgain Shakes, there were a lot of positive reviews on the flavor profile of these shakes. Users in Orgain organic protein reviews mentioned that they were rich and creamy, with good taste. (4)


However, since there are only two flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla), it doesn’t leave a lot of room for variety in recipes. If you like to add a lot of other ingredients into your shakes then you can mix up the flavor, but otherwise, you may get bored fast.


Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….





Starting with the calories in each shake, 310 Shakes have only 110 calories per shake serving – which is extremely good for a meal replacement shake that still packs a ton of nutrients in it. You want your diet shake to be as close to 100 calories as possible, to help you keep your daily calorie count low and ensure the shake will help you maintain a healthy weight.


With only 110 calories per shake serving, you can add your choice of healthy ingredients into the shake, and still have a nutritious and low-calorie meal. It also makes it easy to stick with a daily calorie goal and keep track of what you’re consuming.  


In contrast, Orgain shakes have 220 calories per shake serving – which is a hefty amount for a meal replacement shake. If you want to add other healthy yet higher calorie ingredients into your shake, such as peanut butter or avocados, it will take the calorie count up very quickly.


For this reason, if you’re trying to support a healthy weight, you may want to mix your Orgain protein powder with just water or another low-calorie beverage or choose only low-calorie add-ins for your smoothies.



Sugars / Sugar Alcohols


One of the biggest problems with meal replacement shakes is that many are loaded with sugar – an ingredient that’s extremely addicting and can mess with your body’s satiety signals. Sugar not only contributes to weight gain but is also very bad for your health. (5)


One of the best things you can do when following a clean, healthy diet is to cut out as much sugar and unhealthy carbs as possible! And this also means staying away from meal replacement shakes that contain too much sugar.  


Starting with 310 Shakes, our shakes don't contain any sugar! Instead, they’re sweetened with natural sugar alternatives, including Stevia and in some flavors the addition of Monk Fruit. This makes for a truly healthy shake that can also help you maintain a healthy weight.


Stevia comes from the leaves of the stevia plant, and even though it is sweeter than regular table sugar, studies show that people aren’t prone to overeating after consuming it. This makes it a much better choice than regular sugar or artificial sweeteners. (6)


Moving onto Orgain Shakes, they only contain 1g of sugar, however, they also contain 5g of a sugar alcohol called erythritol. Sugar alcohols can be derived naturally from fruits and veggies or they may also be processed from other sugars.


There are several types of sugar alcohols including xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol and maltitol. (7) Compared to actual table sugar and many other options, research has found that erythritol is a healthy sugar substitute. (8)


But the key is moderation. In excessive amounts, consuming this sugar alcohol could have side effects, including diarrhea, headache and stomach ache. Having one shake a day shouldn’t be a problem, but if you plan to drink one multiple times per day, discontinue use if you notice any ill effects.


In addition, we recommend you start by trying only a small amount of this shake, to ensure that you aren’t sensitive to this sugar alcohol and don’t have any potential allergic reaction. (9)





When it comes to carbs, ideally you want a shake to have a low amount of them per serving, since it will help you maintain a fit, trim figure and steady energy levels. Though a small amount of healthy carbs are good, including from fruits and veggies, what gives you the most mental and physical energy is protein and healthy fats.


This is because when you eat only a small amount of carbs each day, you require less insulin. Insulin is the fat-storing hormone in our body that switches off our natural fat-burning functions. Therefore, when you have less of it, you store less fat, and burn more fat! (10)


When you eat less carbs, you also help stabilize your blood sugar levels. In this way, you can get control over your hunger and learn to recognize when you actually need food versus just want to eat. Basically, you won’t have frustrating sugar crashes throughout your day, and therefore you’ll have more energy and stamina.


Whereas 310 Shakes have a nice low carb amount at only 7g of total carbs per serving with only 2 net carbs Orgain Shakes are high in carbs, with 24g of carbs per serving. For this reason, if you’re trying to manage your weight or stick to a low-carb lifestyle, 310 Shake is the better choice.





Moving onto the type of protein in each shake, 310 Shakes contain a unique Tri-Plex Protein Blend (™) of three different plant-based proteins: pea, brown rice and pumpkin. Each of the proteins plays a role in absorption and satiety, for the best results.


Here is how each one benefits you:

Pea protein: Promotes fullness and satiety, helping you control hunger throughout the day. Contains essential amino acids that support muscle-building and a healthy weight.


Pumpkin protein: Contains omega fatty acids and Vitamin C that may help reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy weight, along with fiber to help balance blood sugar levels.


Brown rice protein: Nutrient-dense and loaded with fiber, it can also help boost your performance after exercise.


Each 310 Shake has 15g of protein per serving, a great amount to help boost your metabolism, control your hunger and satisfy your cravings for hours. Due to the abundance of nutrients in the shake, many users also report that it gives them a ton of energy, helping them have better workouts and complete daily tasks.  


Orgain Shakes also include a plant-based protein blend, with organic pea, brown rice and chia seed proteins. This blend is very similar to the one used in 310 Shake, except that it contains chia seeds instead of hemp.


While hemp seeds have more protein than chia seeds, chia seeds contain an abundance of fiber, which can help control hunger and promote regularity. (11)


There is 20 grams of protein in each Orgain Shake, which is a nice amount for a meal replacement shake, helping you stay full and satisfied until your next meal.


Orgain protein powder features plant-based proteins pea, brown rice and chia seed.


Fiber / Shake Satisfaction


Fiber is an extremely important ingredient in these shakes, along with in a healthy diet in general. This is because fiber forms the bulk of the shake (along with protein), filling you up and helping you control hunger. Fiber also is necessary for a healthy, well-functioning metabolism.


Both shakes have a great amount of fiber, 310 Shakes with 5g per serving and Orgain protein shakes with 8g per serving. 310 Shake reviews and Orgain reviews alike revealed that most users were full and satisfied after drinking these shakes, due to the high-quality plant proteins and fiber.


Fiber assists with overall digestion by keeping things running smoothing and supporting regular bowel movements – helping you remove toxins and impurities from your body on a daily basis. It also supports a healthy digestive tract and helps prevent upset. (12)



Nutrients/Antioxidant-Rich Superfoods


Since a meal replacement shake is serving as your sole form of nourishment for that meal, you want to make sure it has enough vitamins, minerals and superfoods to fuel your body. Unfortunately, many shakes skimp in this area, only including a small number. 310 Shakes contain essential nutrients that you require in a healthy and balanced meal, and they also go over and above by including a blend packed with gut and immune supporting superfoods like organic spinach, beet root, turmeric and mushroom.


For instance, the organic cracked cell chlorella, spirulina and maca root are superfoods found in the 310 shake. You can also find these in natural health stores, usually in supplement form, but they provide awesome health benefits.


Moving onto Orgain Shakes, they feature an all-organic superfood blend, which includes superfoods like sprouted quinoa, lentil, amaranth, wheat grass, acai and more.


Both of these shakes are definitely packed with health-enhancing nutrients – more so than many other competing shake brands.



Price of 310 Shakes vs. Orgain Shakes


We’ve already seen that both of these shakes are very healthy options, so how do they compare in price? Starting with 310 Shake, you can get a 28-serving canister for $68.00 – which breaks down to only $2.43 a serving.


In contrast, each container of Orgain protein is just 16 servings (2 scoops per serving instead of 1). And one container is $49.99 (or $3.12 a serving).


310 Shake is therefore the better value option, while offering a ton of high-quality, effective ingredients. In addition, it will last you longer. Since one container of Orgain will only last you 16 days, if you’re planning on having 1-2 shakes every day, you’re going to need to buy more than one at once to have enough for an entire month.



Final Verdict: Which Shake Is Best?


When it comes down to Orgain vs. 310 Shakes, they are both healthy choices for meal replacement shakes. But 310 Shakes are lower in calories (110calories vs. 220 calories per serving), while containing high-quality, nourishing ingredients.


310 Shakes also have no sugar and use only natural sugar alternatives (including plant-based Stevia). Orgain Shakes are low in sugar and use a sugar alcohol that is safe but may cause digestive side effects in large quantities.


Though 310 Shake Reviews and Orgain Reviews both show that users like the taste of the shakes, 310 Shakes offer much more variety, with multiple flavors. In contrast, Orgain Shakes only come in Vanilla and Chocolate.


Finally, Orgain Shakes are slightly higher in price and come with less servings in each container. Before you make a decision on the shake for you, make sure you dig through the rest of our comparison pages, below.


Ready for next steps? Read more 310 Shake comparisons, below, shop for 310 healthy lifestyle products healthy lifestyle products or join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook now.






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†Nutrition information taken from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $49.99 for Plant Based Vanilla Bean with 16 servings per package. Accessed 6/23/17.



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