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310 Shakes vs. Ka’Chava Meal Shakes Review


Two ultra-popular and nutritious meal replacement shakes in the spotlight right now are 310 Shakes and Ka’Chava Shakes - and they truly go head-to-head when it comes to taste and overall wellness benefits, based on the ingredients in each and customer reviews. But, when compared side by side, which one comes out ahead for you and your goals?

In this review article, we’ll take a close look at both shake labels to see how they stack up to each other in areas such as taste, nutritional profile, how they fit in with other dietary plans such as keto, price, and overall value – so you can determine which is right for your individual diet and wellness goals. Read on to find out if one of these is the perfect shake for you...


When it comes to taste, both of these shakes seem to really be pleasing to the palate (based on numerous positive customer reviews), so let’s take a look at the individual feedback for both. Let’s see what reviewers had to say about the taste and flavors for each shake brand...

310 Shake

This shake definitely appeals to those trying to manage their weight, with an extensive flavor list, including current flavors of Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Cake, S’Mores, Toasted Coconut, and Salted Caramel that many people found extremely appetizing.

Of the positive 310 reviews, the main ones revealed…

    √ The shakes have a smooth and creamy texture
    √ Many reviewers love the taste, especially compared to other meal replacements they’ve tried
    √ The shakes are quick and easy to make
    √ Chocolate is the most popular flavor, with salted caramel being a close second
    √ The shakes can be blended up with a frozen banana and almond milk for over-the-top good taste
Ka’Chava Shake

Next, moving onto Ka’Chava shakes, these shakes also had great reviews when it comes to taste, with some saying it was better than many other shakes they had tried.

Of the positive Ka’Chava reviews, the main ones revealed…

    √ The shakes have great overall flavor
    √ Chocolate is more popular than Vanilla
    √ The shakes have a very thick texture, especially when blended up with milk and ice
    √ There’s no chalky taste and no grittiness (if you blend them)
    √ They’re great to help satisfy cravings

Of the negative reviews, some people did not like the thick texture, saying that it was unpleasant and hard to mix, while others also said it was too sweet. Still other people didn’t hate the shake but weren’t overly impressed, especially for the price, which we’ll talk about in another section.

Ingredient Profile

Next, let’s take a look at the ingredient list as a whole for both shake options. While 310 fits into a variety of diets and goals (especially for weight loss), Ka’Chava isn’t as well-rounded.

310 Shake

First, it’s important to highlight that this shake is fully organic – every single ingredient is organic. Some believe that organic food sources are also better for you nutritionally, due to the sustainable farming practices producing the most nutritious crop yield – and there is research to prove this, which you can see in the section discussing Ka’Chava’s Shake, below.

Along with being fully organic, 310 Shakes are suitable for a variety of lifestyles and diets including keto and vegan/vegetarian. They’re completely plant-based and free from gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts. The ingredients are also GMO-free and there is nothing artificial – which is rare in a line of products where you typically find artificial sugars or other ultra-processed ingredients to enhance the taste.

The ingredients are plant-based proteins and superfoods, along with natural sweeteners, which the company believes will help people make the switch to healthier overall habits that they can continue using for the long-term.

Ka'Chava Shake

Next, Ka’Chava does contain many organic ingredients, however, it’s not completely organic like the 310 Shakes. Some of the ingredients – including one of the main proteins (yellow pea protein), along with various other ingredients (fruits, seeds, veggies, etc.) are not organic.

This is not a problem, but it also may be why there’s a plethora of added vitamins and minerals in the formula. A review of many studies showed that organic varieties of foods provided significantly greater levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus than non-organic types of the same foods. The organic foods were also lower in nitrates and pesticide residues. Finally, the research showed that organic foods typically offer higher levels of antioxidant phytochemicals, which have a great impact on good health.

Besides not being completely organic, however, there is a rich supply of many highly-nutritious plant-based foods in this shake, just like in 310 Shake

In addition, the shake also includes probiotics and a digestive enzyme blend, which are not in the Organic 310 Shake that we are reviewing today.

The Ka’Chava Shake, which is suitable for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diets, is not suitable for low-carb or keto diets because it’s so high in carbs.


While they are both high quality shakes containing vitamin and mineral-packed superfood ingredients, how do they compare when it comes to price?

310 Shake

Starting with 310 Shake, this option is $68.00 for 28 servings (or $2.42 per meal). If you put your order on their Subscribe & Save program, where you have it delivered to you on a regular schedule every 30-90 days, it comes to only $51.00 or $1.82 per meal.

Considering all that we mentioned about how these are true whole food shakes with nutritious plant-based superfoods, balanced macronutrients, all organic ingredients, and no “junk” or artificial ingredients – the price is extremely economical for this shake.

If you plan on drinking two shakes in place of regular meals per day, which is what the company recommends for weight loss, you would end up saving significant money every week – on groceries and eating out or delivery prices. In addition, putting two shake bags on Subscribe and Save would be even cheaper and last you a month or more, depending if you drink them in place of 1 or 2 meals per day.

Ka’Chava Shake

In contrast to 310 Shakes, Ka’Chava does not offer a larger bag option. Their bag only includes “15 meals” per bag. Each bag of Ka’Chava Shake is $69.95, which comes to $4.66 per meal. When you consider this being a full meal it’s not bad, but compared to 310 Shakes, it’s much more expensive.

Although a lot of people seem to like the taste of Ka’Chava and how they feel after drinking it, this is a big commitment for people – especially upfront. Whereas 310 Shake offers a Starter Kit that allows you to try all of the flavors, plus additional free benefits with it, all for just $9 plus shipping – with Ka’Chava, you’re starting off with almost $120 right away if you get 2 bags of shakes.

Conclusion: 310 vs. Ka’Chava Shake

So in conclusion, lets discuss overall value when it comes to these two meal replacement shakes. Whereas they are very similar in nature in the main ingredients in the shakes, positive taste reviews, balanced macronutrients, and nutritional value, they are far apart in price.

With 310 Shakes, you get a fully organic superfood shake for less than $2.50 per meal (or less than $2.00 on Subscribe & Save). With Ka’Chava, you get a partially organic superfood shake for almost $5.00 per meal (or almost $4.00 on Subscribe & Save).

If you’re looking for a healthy meal replacement with solid nutritional ingredients to help you get a nutritious and body-boosting meal on-the-go, either of these shakes will work for you. However, Ka’Chava might be best for simply upholding good health on a busy schedule, especially for very active lifestyles – while 310 seems to be best for those looking to slim down and then maintain a healthy weight for the duration, while being the more economical option.

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