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6 Best Smoothie Boosters to Try

If you’re new to meal replacement shake smoothies, you may be in the phase where you’re experimenting with different flavors and finding the ingredients you like best – but you may not even realize that you can boost” your shakes with some amazing “add-ins”! The boosters we’re about to reveal to you supply extra nutrients, and a variety of potential health benefits to help you feel your best and meet your goals!

Not to mention, they also add amazing flavor to each of your shakes, all with their own unique offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the best shake boosters and how you can start using them in your smoothies today…

1) Berry Superfood “Juice”


About: Do you have a hard time getting all the veggies you need into your day? Just one scoop of this delicious greens juice powder contains over 70 superfoods, and is packed with antioxidants. It’s also super-easy to add into your smoothies and other drinks, and packs innumerable benefits to support total health, vitality, and a cleansed body, supporting digestion and weight loss.

Star Features:

  • Packed with 70+ antioxidant and nutrient-packed superfoods
  • Delicious berry taste from real mixed berries
  • Only 10 calories per serving with NO sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Helps bolster a strong immune system and daily nutrition
  • Promotes good digestion and gut health with digestive enzymes, probiotics, ginger root & a fiber blend
  • Supports enhanced energy and vitality
  • Helps cleanse and rejuvenate the body
  • Fruit & veggie blend featuring organic pineapple, Brussel sprouts, lemon, grapefruit, tomato, broccoli, and more
  • Super-greens blend with organic kale, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, aloe vera, and more
  • Organic red fruits blend including raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blackberry, beet root, and more

How to Use:

Add 1 or more scoops of powder to taste into 8-12oz. of cold, filtered water in a glass or shaker cup and mix. Or, add into a blender with 310 Shake and other healthy ingredients to give your smoothie a boost of additional vitamins, minerals, and superfoods!

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 Berry Superfood Juice…

  • Try combining a scoop of 310 Juice with another healthy beverage, such as yummy 310 Lemonades.

Boost Your Shake with 310 Berry Juice!

 2) Peanut Butter Powder


About: If you haven’t yet tried peanut butter powder, it may just become a new staple in your shakes! With a rich and creamy, peanut-buttery flavor, you can enjoy the taste of this indulgent food, without the extra calories, fat, sodium, sugar and additives typically found in many brands.

Star Features:

  • Delicious, rich & nutty taste
  • Only 50 calories per 2 tbsp. serving
  • NO sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners, or additives
  • 2g of beneficial fiber for satiety & digestion
  • Keto-friendly with only 2g of net carbs
  • Only 1.5g of fats (not saturated)
  • Versatile – Can be used in so many different foods & recipes!

How to Use:

Add 2 tablespoons of powder into a blender with additional smoothie ingredients for a yummy treat! Or, add the powder directly into a Shaker Cup with your 310 Shake flavor of choice, and mix up!

You can also mix 310 Peanut Butter Powder into oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, and even use in healthier baked goods recipes! It makes a delicious low-carb treat to help you stay within your daily health & weight loss goals.

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 Peanut Butter Powder…

Boost Your Shake with PB Powder!

 3) Collagen Powder

About: Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body… In fact, it’s known as the “glue” that helps hold your joints together, and makes up about 75-80% of your skin! It also makes up much of your bones, muscles, ligaments and more. But, you naturally produce less and less of this vital protein as you age. You can replenish it in your body and support healthy, flexible joints; youthful skin; strong bones, and more with this tasteless premium collagen that’s easy to mix into your drinks!

Star Features:

  • Made of premium, grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen
  • Includes types 1 & 3 collagen – which make up 90% of the collagen in your body!
  • Hydrolyzed collagen, so it’s easier to absorb
  • Has only 43 calories per serving
  • 11g of quality protein per serving
  • Tasteless so easy to mix into lots of foods and drinks!
  • Free from gluten, GMOs, and additives

How to Use:

Add 1 scoop of collagen powder into a blender with 310 Shake powder and more healthy ingredients to make a collagen smoothie! Blend up and enjoy!

Or, add collagen powder into…

  • Your favorite drinks, like 310 Lemonade, 310 Tea, or Coffee
  • Your favorite homemade cold sauces or salad dressings
  • Healthy baked goods

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 Collagen Powder…

Boost Your Shake with Collagen Powder!

 4) MCT Oil


About: Healthy oils are an important part of a clean, nutritious diet, and MCT Oil is extra special! If you’re never tried adding this oil into your shakes, it can help promote satiety, and support brain and body energy. It can also help you get into and stay in ketosis if you’re following a keto diet. This is because it’s absorbed much differently than other oils. Due to the shorter chain, the MCT’s don’t get stored as fat, but go straight to the liver where they can be used as energy, or turned into ketones!

Star Features:

  • Extracted from coconut oil – with proven quality control and without solvents
  • Free from fillers, additives, and flavorings
  • Provides healthy MCT fats
  • Neutral smell & taste so easily mixes into drinks and foods
  • Supports a healthy metabolism, satiety, and weight loss
  • Promotes greater physical energy and mental concentration
  • Helps you get into and stay in ketosis

How to Use:

When starting off using MCT Oil, start with 1-2 teaspoons to get your body used to the fast-absorbing fats. Then work your way up to 1-2 tablespoons. Add into 310 Shakes or smoothies, tea, coffee, and cold salad dressings or homemade sauces.

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 MCT Oil…

  • Combined with any 310 Shake flavor of your choice to give your shakes and smoothies an extra nutritional boost to support weight loss, overall health, and keto goals.

Boost Your Shake with 310 MCT Oil!

 5) Golden Milk


About: Give your shakes amazing, rich and creamy taste plus support your total immunity, digestive system, and joint health with Golden Milk. This delicious coconut-milk based formula contains powerful herbs that support complete wellness while adding a sweet taste to your shakes, without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Star Features:

  • Features a powerful, antioxidant-packed herbal blend
  • Contains “Golden Spice”, turmeric, that’s known to help reduce inflammation in the body and support immunity
  • Includes ginger root, which supports proper digestion, and is particularly beneficial when enjoyed after a meal
  • Includes maca root, which is packed with vitamins and minerals and supports great performance and energy
  • Sweetened only with Stevia and natural flavors to help satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you stay on track with your health and weight loss goals
  • Only 20 calories per serving
  • Makes a great after-dinner drink or shake addition for any time of day

How to Use:

Mix 1 scoop of Golden Milk mix with 8oz. of warm milk or water. Or, for a boost of flavor and health-promoting benefits, add it into your 310 Shake or smoothie recipes.

To add into a shake…

Add into a blender with additional healthy ingredients.

To create a hot frothed drink…

Froth with 8 oz. of hot water using a handheld milk frother.

To make a creamy, milk-based hot drink…

Stir a scoop into a couple ounces of a hot milk of choice until smooth. Add the remaining milk (8 oz. total) and enjoy.

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 Golden Milk…

  • Combined with any 310 Shake flavor of your choice in a smoothie such as this totally yummy Golden Milk Shake.

Boost Your Shake with 310 Golden Milk!

 6) Vitamin C Powder 


About: Finally, could your immune system use a boost, during flu season and any time of year? This amazing Vitamin C powder is not only quick, convenient, and super-tasty, it also contains additional nutrients, and body-balancing electrolytes to support enhanced immunity, greater energy, and total body wellness.

Star Features:

  • Contains 1,000mg of immune-supporting vitamin C – giving a powerful dose of the nutrient to help keep you well
  • Includes B vitamins to support energy levels, brain function, and metabolism
  • Contains 30mg of zinc, a powerful immune-supporting mineral to help fight sickness and imbalance in the body
    Includes additional vitamins and minerals for total wellness
  • Only 10 calories per serving, and NO sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Naturally-sweetened with Stevia and natural flavors
  • Delicious, fresh citrus taste from real oranges
  • Vegan and keto-friendly, and gluten free
  • Convenient and easily dissolves into your shakes and other drinks

How to Use:

Mix one scoop of powder into 8oz. of water and mix. Use more water for a less flavorful drink, or less for a more flavorful one. Or, add a scoop into your 310 Shakes or smoothies.

Great Recipe Ideas/Combos:

Try 310 Vitamin C Powder…

  • Mixed into water in place of orange juice, for vitamin C plus additional benefits, without the extra sugar.

Boost Your Shake with 310 Vitamin C Powder!


Ready to give these amazing shake boosters a try?! Expand your flavor horizons with a plethora of new and exciting recipes and support immunity and overall wellness with the shake add-ins mentioned above, today!

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